Starfield Relief Run Walkthrough

As the name of the mission suggests, you need to start a Relief Run for some important medical supplies in Starfield.

A local doctor wants you to go on a smuggling run to retrieve medical supplies for his clinic in the Relief Run side quest in Starfield.

The quest tasks the player to head out of the Neon City planet towards a star station to persuade the head of the station to provide more supplies for the clinic. The side mission is short and to the point that can reward with a load of Credits depending on your persuasion skills.

This guide includes all the details regarding the Relief Run side quest in Starfield.

How to unlock the Relief Run mission

To unlock the Relief Run side mission in Starfield, head over to the Neon Core district of Neon City and speak with Doctor Joseph Manning at the Reliant Medical Clinic.

How to complete Relief Run in Starfield

Following an exchange of dialogues, offer to help Dr. Joseph when you see the prompt. He is having problems restocking medical supplies.

Agree to help him do a Relief Run in Starfield and your quest marker will send you off to speak with Abbie Edding. She is not in Neon City though. She is an entirely different star system.

Speak with Abbie Edding

Head back to your ship and chart a course for the Narion System. There is going to be a star station in orbit here simply called The Clinic. Dock with the Clinic and head on inside to speak with Abbie Edding.

A faster way is to just select The Clinic from your updated Starmap and make the grav jump. You will arrive in the same orbit as the Clinic.

During your conversation with Abbie, a dialogue will be prompted to persuade her to give a few extra supplies to Joseph’s clinic.

Should you persuade Abbie for extra supplies?

The outcome is going to be the same whether you choose to persuade Abbie for extra supplies or not. The only difference is that you are going to receive more credits for successfully persuading Abbie in Starfield. Considering the amount of money involved, it’s best that you pass her persuasion checks.

Return to Dr. Joseph

Head back to Reliant Medical Clinic in Neon City and speak with Doctor Joseph to end the Relief Run side quest in Starfield and get paid for your troubles.

Starfield – Relief Run mission rewards

Relief Run is an extremely short side mission but depending on your choices, you can bag a good amount of credits to take home in Starfield.

  • 100 EXP
  • 1300 / 2500 Credits
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