How To Cure Lung Damage In Starfield

Getting Lung Damage in Starfield will cause sporadic 02 damage as a well as cough

In Starfield, players can get sick just like real humans, and getting sick from Lung Damage is one of them. Your overall performance will deteriorate once you get inflicted. Before things get out of hand due to infection, you need to treat the Lung Disease in Starfield as soon as possible.

What is Lung Damage?

Once you get the Lung Damage, you will easily see the effect appearing on the bottom of the screen along with the Status Effect.

Due to the infection caused by the lung Damage, you will also get the Cough Effect. Aside from physical cough, it can also be seen below the status effect bar along with the Lung Damage.

Lungs in the Starfield space environment play a vital role in maintaining the optimum O2 level. That said, your lungs will not be able to reach the right amount of O2 level after getting the Lung Damage.

Another disadvantage of getting Lung Damage in Starfield is the added noise created by the frequent coughing. Lastly, as said earlier, the infection caused by Lung Damage can also spread and can lead to nastier diseases. So, treat Lung Damage as early as possible.

How do you get Lung Damage in Starfield?

The space environment of Starfield is very hard on every organ especially the lungs as there is no oxygen in space. Not every part of space is equal in terms of damage done to the lungs.


You will get Lung Damage in Starfield if you spend more time on planets with extreme temperatures. We are talking mostly about the planet with sub-zero temps.

Aside from that, you also need to avoid getting over-exertion from different activities. While doing that, the lungs need to work twice the amount of work than in normal situations. This will increase the odds of getting Lung Damage.

There is one more instance in which you will increase your chance of getting Lung Damage. This is going into planets with smoke and toxic fumes. There are some instances where you can’t avoid that but if this is the case, you need to get out of it as soon as possible.

How to fix Lung Damage in Starfield

To fix Lung Damage in Starfield, you need to use the methods mentioned below:

Use Medicines

If you are looking for medicine to cure Lung Damage in Starfield, your first bet would be to use Injector. Not only that Injector can cure Lung Damage, but they can also cure a couple of other diseases such as “Brain Injury, Concussions, Heatstroke, Hernia, Hypothermia, and Poisoning.”

Finding an injector in the open world of Starfield is difficult so you need to resort to other ways to get it. The easiest way to get your hands on the Injector is by buying it from the Doctors and Supplies found all over Starfield.

To save yourself a bit of money, you can also craft the Injector using the Pharmaceutical Stations. To craft an Injector in Starfield, you need the following items:

  • 1x Membrance
  • 1x Metabolic Agent

You can easily find both of these items inside merchant stores and loot containers. You can also use Snake Oil to cure Lung Damage in Starfield, but its effect is temporary and is not a permanent cure.

Find a Doctor

In Starfield, you will find a couple of doctors by going inside the Reliant Medical Center. For that, you need to make your way to New Atlantis city. Once you have found a doctor in Starfield, you can ask him to treat any of the afflictions including Lung Damage.

Keep in mind that the Doctor in Starfield will not treat Lung Disease for free. You will need 500 Credits each time you need to treat any disease including Lung Disease. On the other hand, you will need 750 credits to treat wounds if you are physically injured.

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