How To Get Med Packs In Starfield

Med Packs will keep you up and running during tough fights.

In Starfield, a quick way to recover from all the damage you take will be by using Med Packs. The Med Packs are the most important and useful items you will always require during your playthrough. However, you will find yourself short on this item as you progress.

Luckily, you can find, purchase, and craft Med Packs, making getting them easier. I will explain all the details on how you can easily acquire Med Pack and craft them.

Where to find Med Packs in Starfield

Med Packs are among those items you can find at different locations during missions or exploration. An easy way to identify them is by finding small green boxes. On closer inspection, these will be revealed as Pharmaceutical Kits.

You will also find the Emergency First Aid kits hanging on the walls. You can open these and sometimes find Med Packs inside, and since this is an expensive item, you should watch for it while visiting various places.

There is also a small detail about the Blue Emergency First Aid kit, which will glow blue when you discover it. Once you open it to get the Med Packs, its blue glow will diminish in Starfield.

Moreover, Med Packs can also be salvaged from dead enemies as many of them are found to be carrying these. You just need to ensure that after every fight, you should check on each of these enemies and loot all the essential items, including Med Packs, ammo, etc. This way, you can increase the number of Med Packs in your inventory.

Where to buy Med Packs

If you want to purchase Med Packs, you can visit Doctors like Alexie (New Atlantis) or Vendors in areas such as Medical Bay, etc. The Med Packs will cost you around 525 Credits. Applying this medical item means you can recover 6 percent of your lost health in 8 seconds.

Furthermore, Reliant Medical is one of those stores you will often come across on different planets, so make sure to visit it to buy Med Packs. If the doctors run out of Med Packs, you can rest for 24 hours and visit them again.

This way, they will restock the Med Packs, and you can easily purchase them with the required credits.

How to Craft Med Packs in Starfield

You will require three resources to craft a Med Pack; these will include the following:

Resource NameItem IdQuantityCredits

Once you have the required resources, you can visit any Pharmaceutical Lab on your ship (Frontier) to craft the Med Packs.

If you are tired of farming Med Packs, type the following console command to get them.

player.additem ABF9 1

By entering this command, you will be notified that a Med Pack has been added to your inventory in Starfield. You can add as many Med packs as you desire by using this hack.

How to increase Med Packs healing factor

To maximize this particular medical resource, you should invest your skill points in the Medicine Skill. This way, you won’t fall short of the effects of the Med Packs, as you will also be able to increase those healing effects for the Med Packs by 10 percent with each rank.

There are four ranks for the medicine skill, and from the Med Packs stats, you will get the following results for investing in this specific skill.

  • Rank 1: Med Packs restore 10 percent additional health, 10 percent faster.
  • Rank 2: Med Packs restore 20 percent additional health 20 percent faster.
  • Rank 3: Med Packs restore 30 percent additional health 30 percent faster.
  • Rank 4: Med Packs restore 40 percent additional health 40 percent faster.
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