How To Fix Walking Slow Issue In Starfield

If you are annoyed because your character in Starfield suddenly starts walking slowly without any reason that you can see, then don't worry, as it has an easy fix.

Many players in Starfield have encountered the “Slow Walking” issue caused by the game’s complex control scheme. The player’s character will start moving a lot slower than its usual running speed. If it happens to you, do not panic; there is a quick and easy fix.

Starfield Character Walking Slow Issue solution

The Slow walking issue occurs when you accidentally press the Caps Lock key. Doing so will lock your character in the sneaking mode, and the autorun setting is disabled. If you press Caps Lock again, your character will start moving as usual, and you can sprint again.

While thought of as a bug earlier, the slow walk is a feature in Starfield. When you walk slowly, your character does not make any footstep sound. This can be especially useful in situations where stealth is required. As long as you stay out of the enemy’s line of sight, you won’t be caught while slow walking.

Another good use of this feature is pickpocketing. You can easily pickpocket people if they are unaware of your presence. A slow walk lets you sneak up behind people for pickpocketing in Starfield. It is worth noting that pickpocketing is unlocked after investing skill points in the skill tree.

Another reason for Slow walking

In Starfield, you will also walk slowly if you are over-encumbered. This happens because you are not managing your inventory well and carrying more than you should. You can place extra items in the companion’s inventory to eliminate this issue. Alternatively, you can use the ship’s cargo space as well.

Investing in skills like Weight Lifting will help you eliminate this issue. This way, you can walk and sprint even while carrying more weight in Starfield.


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