Starfield Defensive Measures Walkthrough

You need to settle a debate between two people about what Defensive Measures to have for Akila City in Starfield.

Akila City requires some good Defensive Measures to keep her people safe in Starfield. Davis Wilson believes that the current methods are working, but Keoni Alpin does not agree.

Your objective here is to settle the debate between the two. Listen to what both of them have to say and then make a choice.

How to unlock the Defensive Measures mission

There are no prerequisites to unlocking this side mission. You only need to find and speak with Davis Wilson in Akila City, which is located in the Cheyenne star system.

When you reach the city, head for the Barracks from the left of the main gates. You will see Keoni Alpin and Davis Wilson indulged in a heated argument about how to keep the city safe.

Speak with Davis to unlock and start the Defensive Measures mission.

How to complete Defensive Measures in Starfield

Your objective here is to settle the debate between both Keoni and Davis about keeping the city safe. Both have their own ways and arguments.


Speak with Davis Wilson

Davis thinks the current strategies against the Ashta are working and should be continued. He’ll ask you to speak to Keoni and make her understand the entire situation.

Speak with Keoni Alpin

Once Davis has presented his point of view, you must head down the stairs to find Keoni. She will explain how she prioritizes the safety of the City and will ask for your help in proving her strategy works.

After agreeing to help Keoni, she’ll give you a tricky task you must complete. You’ll have to install Keoni’s sensors along the City’s wall at different locations.

Install Keoni’s sensors along the City Walls

The sensors Keoni wants you to place along the City Walls in Starfield.

After Keoni tasks you with placing sensors along the walls of Akila City, turn around, and you’ll see four blue markers. These markers represent the location where each sensor must be installed.

This part is pretty simple. You’ll have to travel to each blue marker and install the sensor. Once you’re done with installing all four sensors, head back to Keoni and inform her of your achievement.

Keoni will now task you with entering the guard tower where modifications must be made to the terminals. The guard will restrict Keoni from entering, and you must find a way to get him out of the tower.

Find a way to make the guard leave the tower

Make your way to the tower and speak with the guard. You will have three ways to make him leave his tower post. This needs to be done to complete the Defensive Measures mission in Starfield.

You are going to have three ways to make the guard leave the tower.

  • Persuade the guard to leave his post.
  • Bribe the guard for 1000 credits.
  • Steal something from the guard to lure him away.

We believe persuasion is the best option to choose here as you won’t need strong persuasion skills. Your persuasion skill should have only four points in this mission.

This way, you can save yourself from losing credits in the bribe or getting jailed for stealing. As you lure the guard away, Keoni will do her part.

Once everything is done, find Keoni and talk to her. This will complete the Defensive Measures side quest in Starfield.

Starfield – Defensive Measures mission rewards

Upon completing Defensive Measures, players will receive the following rewards:

  • 100 EXP
  • 5000 Credits

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