Starfield Due In Full Walkthrough

During Due In Full, you must help GalBank collect the debts of their offenders in Starfield

“Due in Full” is one of the early-game side missions that you can take on after reaching New Atlantis in Starfield. During this side mission, you will be venturing through parts of the system.

Your duty is to track down the customers who haven’t closed their GalBank account yet. Since this job requires a lot of traveling, is considered one of the lengthiest side missions to complete in Starfield.

How to unlock the “Due in Full” mission

Due In map location in Starfield

You will unlock the Due in Full side mission in Starfield after visiting the GalBank building in New Atlantis. You can find it by travelling to your home planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.

Furthermore, you must make your way to the New Atlantis location and find a large green building. This is where you will find the GalBank Headquarters.

How to complete “Due in Full” in Starfield

After you have found the GalBank Headquarters in Starfield. Head inside and find two personnel at the front desk. These personnel are Landry Hollifeld and Matthew Montez. However, to start the Starfield Due in Full side mission, you must talk to the Credit Analyst Landry.

Talk to Landry Hollified

After starting the conversation, Landry discusses the problem the GalBank has been facing with their customers. Since they are not allowed to track the current locations of their customers, few have taken advantage by not closing their accounts.


If you are open for the job, then he assigns you a task to travel across the system to find Dieter Maliki. This customer has scammed the bank and left the system.

However, the condition is that you should not threaten or kill him in the process. This comes with the exception if you kill him in defense while saving yourself from his attacks.

However, Landry doesn’t directly assign this job, instead, you must convince him that you are the best choice for it.

During this conversation, you must choose the following dialogue options to convince you are the right agent for the Starfield Due In Full side mission:

  • Just a starship captain seeing what New Atlantis has to offer.
  • I’m interested.
  • Tell me about the mark then.
  • Let’s collect some debt.

Collect Dieter Maliki’s debt

Once you have accepted the offer from Landry, you will be paid a huge amount after completing the Due in Full side mission in Starfield.

However, Dieter is similar to the other marks. Therefore, his location is randomized for each time you visit him. The best way to find him is by opening your star map and selecting the mission objective.

I found Dieter twice while in different locations each time. I found him either at the Guniibuu System or at Obotum Prime. Either way, simply head over to the system and land your ship. Do note that you will need the best ship for this side mission.

Confront Dieter about his debt

During your search at the Obtoum Prime, you will find Dieter at the Military Post north of the system. He is a hotshot and likes to bully around his way with others. Hence he didn’t find it amusing to return GalBank’s money. Therefore, you must convince him that he can’t threaten you. Talk to him and choose the following dialogue options:

  • If you think you can intimidate me, think again.
  • GalBank will never, ever, give up. It’s better if you just pay them.
  • It’s about to get really ugly for you.
  • Neither of us wants to risk the worst happening.

Report back to Landry

After threatening him, Dieter will repay the debt. Simply head inside his storage room and collect the items in his Storage Box.

There are other useful items in the room as well such as Ammos. You can get a quick refill for your weapons for other missions.

Afterward, you must head back to the GalBank and talk to Landry to complete the Due In Full mission in Starfield.

Starfield – Due in Full mission rewards

After completing the Due in Full mission in Starfield, Landry acknowledges you for your services and looks forward to assigning you another job to collect debt from other offenders.

You will receive 6,300 Credits as a reward for completing the mission in Starfield.

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