Where To Find Starfield Drill Waste Room Access Key

The drill waste room on Mars in Starfield doesn't seem to have any way to open it but we are here to help you find the access key for it.

During your time exploring the planets in Starfield, players will come to the Abandoned Mines, found on Mars in the Sol System. These Abandoned Mines have multiple bunkers in them that players can explore and loot to get valuable items. One of the rooms in Abandoned Mines is the Drill Waste Room, which is locked. To open it up, you will need the Starfield Drill Waste Room Access key which we can help you locate.

Starfield Drill Waste Room Access Key location

After players find the Drill Waste Room in the Abandoned Mines, you won’t find the key anywhere unless you progress further into the game.

During your progression, players will join the United Colonies and you will get a series of questlines around Mars. During these quests, players will get a quest ‘Delivering Devils’. The quest requires players to get a sample from Percival.

During this quest, players will be sent to visit the miners on Mars. All of these can be found in the Sixth Circle Bar. After players talk to Lou, players will have to help clear Percival’s debts. Doing so will allow players to talk to the barkeep.

You will also have to make Lou trust you which requires answering his questions like what is the Vanguard motto?

Starfield Drill Waste Room Access Key

Players need to talk to the bartender and the bartender will thank you for helping Percival, and give you the Drill Waste Room Access Key in Starfield. This key will allow players to open and enter the Drill Waste Room in the Abandoned Mines on Mars.


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