What Is The Vanguard Motto In Starfield? 

In Starfield, Lou the bartender will ask what is the Vanguard Motto. He used to be a Vanguard himself and only serves vets. So if you know the motto, you can answer him.

Starfield allows you to choose the dialogue. Such a situation occurs when you are at Delivering the Devil mission. During the quest, a bartender (Lou) will ask you about the motto of a Vanguard in Starfield.

Since the bartender is the only one who knows about Percival’s location, it is important to answer him correctly. This will progress the quest. But this information is not free; you must earn their trust by answering his questions correctly.

Vanguard Motto in Starfield explained

During the Delivering Devil quest, you will meet a bartender (Lou) who will question your identification as a Vanguard. As proof, you will have to tell Vanguard’s motto. 

After he asks about the motto of Vanguard, several options will appear. Every option will have different consequences. Since he is the last person to know the location of Percival, you need to prove that you are trustworthy and a VC Vanguard.  

Among the options, Over and Above and Far Beyond are the wrong answers. Selecting these options will prove that you are not a VC Vanguard, and Lou will not help you in the Percival location.  

Choosing the (Sarah Morgan) I can vouch for this one, option will allow you to dodge this question because Sarh will take over and prove your identity to him. However, if you do not have Sarah on your team, this option will not show.  

Lastly, the only correct option and the Vanguard Motto in Starfield is Above and Beyond. Choosing this option will partially prove that you are a VC Vanguard. For further verification, he will ask you one more question.  

To avoid being questioned about your identification as Vanguard, you can choose the Terrormorph option in the starting dialogue. By selecting the Terrormorph option, Lou will not ask about the motto.  

However, choosing this option will show a new set of dialogue options. The first option is (Sarah Morgan) You can simply drop the act. We simply need a moment of his time. This option will allow Sarah Morgan to handle the situation and force Lou to give the information about Percival.  

The second option is Look, I’ve got credits, you’ve got information. We can work this out. At the start, Lou will not tell you, but eventually, he will agree and tell you about Percival’s Location.  

The third and last option Please. Lives could be at risk here. Tell me where I can find him. is not confirmed yet, so it is advised not to choose it.  

It is worth mentioning that it does not matter what option you choose. Neither the correct nor the wrong option will change the quest or ending.  

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