How To Get Your First Ship In Starfield

Getting your hands on the Spaceships is necessary to visit other planets and combat enemy ships in Starfield.

In Starfield, Ships are the primary means to move around. Spaceships can be used to visit other planets, fight against enemy ships, and visit shipyards. However, when you start Starfield, you don’t get the spaceship.

When do you get your first ship in Starfield? We will also see how to get another ship when acquiring your first one.

Getting your first Spaceship in Starfield

In Starfield, you get your first Spaceship automatically. When you start Starfield, you will find yourself in a mine. Here, you will be accompanied by Supervisor Lin and Heller. In this phase, you will be given a few tutorial jobs like mining out ores from the walls with your mining laser.

After that, you will be sent into a strange area with abnormal gravity readings. Here, you will find an artifact; you can customize your character when you pass out. After the character customization, you will meet with Barrett alongside Supervisor Lin and Heller.

Barrett will come here using his spaceship called the Frontier in Starfield. He has come here to receive the artifact from Supervisor Lin, but he was followed here, and now you will need to deal with the pirates called the Crimson fleet.

After dealing with the Crimson fleet, you can talk to Barrett; he will give you his ship and stay at the mining site to help with repairs. You will then accompany Vasco to the ship and fly to Constellation headquarters in New Atlantis.


Vasco will also teach you the Starfield Spaceship’s mechanics and workings; you are free to steer it as you like.

How to get another Ship in Starfield

The First ship you got from Barrett is only hardware and not that powerful. You can stick to it, but there will come a time when you must change it for something more powerful or with a more extensive cargo hold.

In Starfield, there are two ways in which you can find new spaceships. You can either steal spaceships from enemies or you can straight up buy the ships.

Steal spaceships

You will encounter many enemy ships docked while exploring the vast and endless space. You can quickly enter these ships, and when you are in them, you will get a task to kill all the enemies in it to get the ship. When all are killed, you will then own the ship.

When you take off and enter space, you will get a notice that when you land this ship in Starfield on any planet, it will become your primary ship, and all crew members will come into it automatically. You need to keep one thing in mind before going for any ship. If the ship you are stealing is a higher class one, you will need an equally higher rank in the Piloting skill.

Buy spaceships

The other way is to buy the ship in many major cities like New Atlantis, Akila, etc. There will be a Ship Service technician at the starport. These will have a tab that will offer spaceships of varying specs. They will range from 70000 to 300000 credits.

When you have bought any spaceship, you can set it as your main ship by asking the technician to upgrade your ship in Starfield.

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