13 Tips To Dominate Combat In Starfield

If you want to last longer in space, here are the best combat tips in Starfield

Starfield can feel like a very player-friendly game to play. However, we cannot ignore the violence it carries, as it is a crucial part of the game. You will encounter different types of combat, each having its own combat tips to survive in Starfield.

Depending on your situation, it can be anywhere from melee to ranged fights on planets and moons or in space. Here are some tips and tricks that help you dominate the battlefield, as you already dominate every other field.

Starfield Combat Tips

Starfield allows you to explore its vast space systems. However, you will encounter several enemies looking to loot your cargo during your exploration. You must have the best combat tactics to escape the scene in this situation. Below, we have arranged the best combat tips in Starfield:

1. Sensitivity

Sensitivity can simultaneously be your best friend and a knife in the back. It takes a lot of getting used to. You can customize it to your taste, but it can take some getting used to. The only answer to hitting the sweet spot on your sensitivity setting is through trial and error. This will allow you to bring out your best in combat in Starfield.

2. Stealth

Being stealthy in this game is a must. You can get yourself into several situations if you are not careful with your actions. Being stealthy will mean not alerting your enemies, which is a great plus as you will have to worry about only one enemy at a time. You can perform a stealth kill and get a sneak attack bonus, which multiplies your damage, maybe getting you an insta-kill. It will allow you to become godlike at combat in Starfield.

3. Count your Ammo

When using ranged projectiles such as bullets or missiles, double-checking your decision is always a wise choice. Ammo is quite conservative, so you might want to keep its usage on the low. One way of doing this is to perform a melee attack on enemies you can approach easily. If a gun is on a reload, run up and strike it with a melee hit. This will deal damage but also conserve your ammo at the same time.


4. Landing headshots

Headshots are vital as they are the ones that will inflict the most amount of damage on an enemy. The head region is very sensitive to attacks and will cause a significant drop in your opponent’s health bar. You can always go for the chest if you’re worried about your aim.

The damage will be low so you might have to put some extra rounds in them. You can get the lowest damage by shooting someone in the arms or legs.

5. High-ground advantages

Getting to higher ground will expose all your enemies to you and gravity will also help you rain hell down (as low as it might be, it still exists). The higher ground will also help you spot enemies from far away, and it will open up your FOV quite a bit. To maximize it, change your FOV in Starfield from the settings, letting you see more of your environment.

If enemies surround you, you will also get their hiding locations above. The Jetpacks are the best picks you can get for these purposes. If not, you can reach a higher structure like a building or a cliff.

6. Close quarter combat

Your aim is not guaranteed to be perfect. You can miss your shots from far away but not at point blank. Getting into close-quarter combat will also allow you to check out your hand-to-hand combat skills and make use of your melee weapons instead of them collecting dust in your inventory.

7. Grenades are your friends

When surrounded, you will need something with a wide area of targeting. Since guns are single-targeting weapons, you can always switch to your grenades to damage in an area of effect. Simply toss one into a pack of enemies.

Observe as your enemies get obliterated by the devastating boom. Grenades are also crowd control depending on their type. You can stun your opponents using the Stun Mine or, better yet, create a fire using Incendiary Grenades to stop their advance briefly.

8. Movement is Key

It is better to keep moving on a battlefield than be a sitting duck while in combat in Starfield. You can never guess where you might get flanked. But it is always better if you are the one flanking enemies from left, right, and center. Killing an enemy will mean giving away your position. So keep on your toes and relocate to a safer place as soon as possible.

The same rule applies to ship combat in Starfield. You can only dodge oncoming missiles and harbingers of boom if you’re on your thrusters. Keep on the flank to avoid getting hit and landing as many hits as possible.

9. Reload

As mentioned above, keep an eye out for your ammo. Find a safe place to reload, and then keep spamming that fire button to unload everything in your crosshairs. It is never wise to run into an enemy pack with an empty weapon.

10. Health is Wealth

Remember, no matter how heavy shields you may have equipped, you are not immortal in any scenario in this game. You will get wounded in a battle. How severely, that we cannot say. It is wise to keep some healing items on hand so you can refresh, reset, and get going again.

11. Match your arsenal to your build

Imagine you need to be stealthy, but all you have is grenades. You have the option of modding your weapon in the game. Use it extensively and try to match your arsenal to your build to the best of your ability.

12. Saving

You cannot simply know the enemy’s movements in a game for the first time. Make extensive use of the manual save option to have a checkpoint not too far away. Forgetting to save can cause you much pain, as your progress will be reduced to zero with just a few mistakes.

13. Teamwork

Your last combat tip in Starfield is that your crew is there to help you. Trust them and work as a team to eliminate any possible threats. Your teammates can create distractions, so you can use it as a cover. They can also be stationed at your outposts with some responsibilities. This will earn you rewards as well.

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