How To Change FOV In Starfield

Changing FOV in Starfield will allow players to customize how their gameplay will look like.

Thinking of increasing your Field of View (FOV) in Starfield for a more cinematic experience? Perhaps you want to take advantage of your ultra-widescreen display to see more enemies and environments.

The bad news here is that Starfield does not give you a FOV slider in the game’s settings. The good news, however, is that you can still change your FOV by editing your Starfield config file.

How to change your FOV in Starfield

Changing Starfield FOV is quite a hassle but you can easily do so by following the simple instructions given below:

  • The first thing that you need to do is open “File Explorer” on your computer.
  • After that, you need to head inside the “Starfield” folder by heading into “My Games”.
  • We are looking for the extension file therefore you need to make sure that they are visible by getting into the folder settings. This can be easily done by checking the extension option from the settings.
  • Now you need to create a new text document by right-clicking on the screen and then picking the “Text Document” inside the “Open” tab.
  • Single click on the newly created Text Document to rename it as “StarfieldCustom.ini”.
  • After renaming the file, your file will end up with .txt type. You now need to remove this .txt from the file so that it will end up with a .ini type. Doing so, Starfield will be able to read your file.
  • You now need to open the file and then type the following snippet of code inside.
  • [Camera]
  • fFPWorldFOV=90
  • fTPWorldFOV=90
  • The second and third code snippets have 90 at the end which denotes the value of 1st and 3rd person. You can customize it to your own preference such as 120 or 80.
  • Lastly, you now need to press “Ctrl + S” to save your newly made file. After that, you can close this file as you have successfully changed FOV in Starfield.

What FOV settings should you use in Starfield?

Before you make up your mind about changing FOV in Starfield, you first need to know the default FOV setting. The default 1st person FOV in Starfield is 85. The visual concept of these numbers is that the smaller you go, the more zoomed in your POV will be.

On the other hand, if you want to keep a keener eye on your surroundings, you can also opt for a higher number such as 120. Doing so, you will have a very broad view of the Starfield FOV gameplay.

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