Starfield Biggest Ships Ranked

Having the biggest ships can help you travel along with your crew in Starfield.

There are several ships in Starfield of every shape and size. However, the Biggest ships in Starfield are capable of carrying tons of cargo. Additionally, you can use them to have an increased ship crew size in Starfield. This will be quite helpful during missions that require traveling across different planets along with your crew.

It ranks larger-sized ships as being one of the best ships in Starfield. Below, we have ranked each ship in Starfield based on its cargo capacity.

10. Dragonfire II

Dragonfire II is the biggest ship in Starfield, with a mass of 1960. It is capable of performing 26 LY Jumps. Additionally, you can use its 2790 Cargo capacity to haul vast amounts of cargo across the galaxy. Also, it possesses the BAL 92 and PAR 64A Weapons.

These weapons will help defend the cargo inside your ship. Atop all, it can withstand a crew size of 7. Which is more than enough to fill your entire team during missions.

9. Dragonfire

Dragonfire is one of the biggest ships in Starfield, second to Dragonfire II. It possesses a mass of 1928 and performs an impressive 25 LY Jumps. Furthermore, with a cargo capacity of 2790, you can easily transport your items across the planet. Plus, you can use its BAL 110 and PAR 64 weapons to secure the seven crew members in it.

8. Crossbow III

Crossbow III is the best out of the three Crossbow ship lines in Starfield. It possesses a cargo capacity of 1000. This will allow to transport of more cargo. Plus, it weighs at a mass of 2047, making it one of the heaviest ships to acquire. You can use it to jump lightyears ahead using its 21 LY Jumps.

With a crew size of 7, you can invite your crew members to the party. With all in its arsenal, including the three weapons BAL 81, LAS 22, and MSL 272, It is worth 527,856 Credits.

7. Crossbow

Although Crossbow can only use space for a total of 6 crew members, there is no denying that it is tough competition on the best ships in Starfield List. Using its BAL 51, LAS 26, and EM 1 weapon attachments, it can blow up spaceships all around it.

Plus, in many cases, it can use its mass of 1962 to perform 21 LY jumps and save the 1000 capacity of cargo on it. It may be cheap with a worth of 298,859 Credits, but can pack a punch.

6. Polis II

Polis II is a slightly lightweight ship with a mass of 1876. However, you can still load it with a lot of cargo, considering how it can hold a capacity of 2700 cargo. Plus, performing 30 LY jumps is no big deal for this ship. You can use it to fill six slots of crew members that will help you venture into the abyss.

Also, it comes with weapons like BAL 178 and LAS 16. It is quite cheap and can be purchased for 393658 Credits.

5. Conquerer III

Arguably the best Conquerer ship in Starfield. The Conquerer III is capable of equipping the likes of BAL 27, LAS 26, and MSL 104 while performing 20 LY jumps. With its massive cargo capacity of 2240, you can travel across galaxies with plenty of cargo to trade.

Despite being 1753 in mass, you can board 6 crew members in it. To buy it, you must spend 429,777 Credits.

4. Conquerer

A lighter version of the Conquerer III with a mass of 1736, but still capable of holding six crew members at a time. You can use the Conqurer ship in Starfield to travel with a cargo capacity 2240. Not to mention the 17 LY jumps it can perform in space.

It has heavy weaponry such as BAL 27, LAS 14, and MSL 68. You can buy it at the rate of 258,823 Credits.

3. Carry ALL III

With a huge cargo capacity of 3440, the Call ALL III is perhaps the best ship in the Carry ALL series. You can use its lightweight 1618 mass to its advantage and perform 25 LY jumps. Additionally, With weapons such as BAL 99 and LAS 24 attached to the ship, you can safeguard all 6 crew members. Plus, it’s only worth 397267 Credits.

2. Silent Runner

The Silent Runner weighs an astonishing mass of 2463, making it the heaviest on this list. Also, you can use its jumping abilities to jump 30 LY ahead. The ship also has two of the best ship weapons in Starfield to have, such as PAR 38, and MSL 96.

This will help you bring five crew members with you at a time. Especially since it can transport 6060 cargo with its large capacity. You can buy it for the value of 370,633 Credits.

1. Autobahn III 

Lastly, we have Autobahn III, which has the largest cargo capacity of any ship in Starfield. It ranks at number one due to its capability of performing 30 LY Jumps with such a load on it. The Autobahn III has the BAL 178, LAS 22, and MSL 264 weapons. It can easily sustain four crew members on board. You can buy it at the cost of 596,631 Credits.

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