Starfield Best Houses You Can Buy

Starfield offers some of the best houses you can buy, depending on your preferences.

Starfield offers a lot of houses that the players can buy across various neighborhoods of the United Colonies. But all these choices have confused players about the best home in Starfield.

Choosing the best house varies from player to player and their budget preferences. I have included the best houses that serve every player’s needs.

1. The Mercury Sky Penthouse

Generally, houses are rated by their amenities, location, and total living space. Looking at these conditions, the best house you can buy in Starfield is The Mercury Sky Penthouse. Another thing that makes The Mercury Sky Penthouse the best house is that it will cost you nothing to own.

Talking of the total living space, The Mercury Sky Penthouse has the most square feet. This makes this house one of the biggest, hence why it is called Penthouse.

The Mercury Sky Penthouse is not only the biggest but also the most luxurious home in Starfield. This is because it has more room than you can count and breathtaking city views from its balconies.

2. The Nesoi Dream House

If you are not a fan of breathtaking views and like the actual beauty of the home, then The Nesoi Dream Home is the best for you in Starfield. Regardless of the beauty, the gigantic space of this home will solely force you to love this house.


In Nesoi planet, half of the planet is the Dream House, which will give you a perspective on how big this house is. Another perk of this house you will not be able to find in any other house is that it allows you to “Settle your Parents” here.

But in conclusion, you will be paying a significant amount of money to get the big space of The Nesoi Dream House. The price tag of this house comes to around 125000 Credits.

3. Akila City Core Manor

Until now, we have only discussed exotic houses priced at a high range. Here, we will discuss the best home worth your money: Starfield Akila City Core Manor.

This house takes the third place as most players are looking for homes early in the game. And spending big money on the house is impossible for everyone in these stages.

After spending 78000 Credits, you will get a Bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, making Akila City Core Manor a complete house. In Conclusion, Akila City Core Manor is the best house in Starfield if you play early in the game.

4. Akila City Stretch Apartment

The Akila City Stretch Apartment is the best choice if you are looking for the best affordable house but still have all the basic amenities. However, it is not the cheapest option available, and if we investigated those, we found out they were trashy dumps.

You will be paying 45000 Credits to get a house with separate living, storing, and working places. But the overall covered area of this house is a bit small, which is fine since you are buying a budget home in Starfield.

Another advantage of buying an Akila City Stretch Apartment is that you will not be spending time on your commute. It is because it is located close to the Akila City Entrance.

5. Neon Sleepcrate Apartment

Lastly, if you are one of the players who is very short on money and is running on fumes all the time, then Neon Sleepcrate Apartment is the best home for you in Starfield. We have included Neon Sleepcrate Apartment in the best houses list to include options for every player.

Looking at the price of this house, we will be paying almost 6500 Credits. You will get one big container pod, which will be your living, working, and sleeping without any separation.

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