All Houses In Starfield And How To Buy Them

In Starfield, you can buy some of the most beautiful houses where you can stay, store your items, and have an astronomic experience.

Starfield allows its players to buy houses across different planets. It is one of the best features of this game, and it gives its players the best imaginable feeling of astronomic experience. You can own a home, rest there, keep your items safe, and have an excellent storage space.

Every house in Starfield has a different price tag; sometimes, it requires you to complete a specific task. In this guide, I will take you through all the Starfield homes, their cost, benefits, and the requirements they hold.

All houses for sale in Starfield

The following homes are for sale in Starfield, which a player can buy to build its intergalactic property portfolio.

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The Nesoi Dream Home

The Dream Home is located on Planet Nesoi, one of the game’s most beautiful houses. It is available once you have The Dream Home Trait while building your Starfield character at the beginning. 

The Dream Home comes with a price tag of 125000 Credits, which you must pay off as a mortgage at the GalBank in New Atlantis to own. The Dream Home has a lot of benefits, as It has a beautiful design, amazing astronomical views, and broader interior space. The best feature of Dream House in Starfield is that you can customize its furniture and utilities to your liking.


Neon City Sky Suite

Located on Neon Planet, the Neon City Sky Suite is the most expensive house in the game, with a whopping price tag of 235000 Credits.

You must pay this amount to Bartender Boone Morgan in Astral Lounge in Neon. There is no requirement to purchase this home in Starfield. If you pay that amount, buckle up to face disappointment because this house is the worst when it comes to value for money.

It has a single restroom and a small space. The only exciting thing you can do is to have a glimpse of Neon City from the balcony.

Neon Sleepcrate Apartment

This is the cheapest house your money can buy in Starfield. It is an excellent pick if you want accommodation on a budget. The Neon Sleepcrate Apartment costs only 6500 Credits. You need to close the deal with Izna to own it. There is no requirement before purchasing the house.

This house does fine but is still better than the Neon City Sky Suite. It has a tiny interior space. It is so small that when you first look at this apartment, it seems like they shoved the workspace, bed, and storage all in a tiny room.

Akila City Core Manor

The Akila City Core Manor is a middle-ranged house, which is impressive in terms of benefits. It is purchasable for 78000 Credits, and you must pay this amount to Ngodup Tate, who is outside the home in Starfield.

Core Manor has good interior space, a bathroom, a kitchen, storage, and a nice bedroom. If you are a Freestar Ranger, this house will be your best pick, as The Rock is next to your house.

Akila City Stretch Apartment

The Akila City Apartment is available for 45000 Credits, which you must pay to the same Ngodup Tate. There are no prepurchase requirements.

This home in Starfield is a little downgraded in terms of space compared to Akila City Core Manor. But, the layout of this house is fantastic, and you can still utilize a fine living here. It is like one big room divided into different spaces for you to rest, work, and store items.

New Atlantis Parents Apartment

You can accommodate your parent’s house in Pioneer Tower in New Atlantis City if you choose the Kid’s Trait when building your character. This will allow you to visit your parents anytime and live with them.

The house is open, beautiful, and unique. However, you can only utilize your bedroom. The price is free, but you must pay your parents 2% of your total Credits every in-game week to visit there.

New Atlantis Well Apartment

The New Atlantis Well apartment is available only if you are a citizen of the United Colonies. To become a citizen, you must complete the UC Vanguard Questline by talking to Commander John Tuala. You can also become a citizen of UC if you pick the United Colonies Native trait when building your character.

The Home costs 30,000 Credits in Starfield. The house does fine regarding facilities, but it gives you a feeling of a Cyberpunk environment.

The Mercury Sky Penthouse

This is undoubtedly the best house in the Starfield in terms of living, scenery, and cost. The place is free if you complete the UC Vanguard Questline by speaking to John Tuala.

The penthouse has a beautiful interior, great space for all facilities, and two balconies. You can view Jemison’s landscapes from one side while on the other side, the New Atlantis City stands in your sight.

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