How To Visit Your Dream Home And Pay Off Mortgage In Starfield

If you pick the Dream Home Trait during the Starfield character creation, you can visit your Dream Home and Customize it after paying the mortgage.

Starfield has allowed its players to buy intergalactic properties and relax after the fantastic astronomical adventures. The dream of owning a home on a galactic planet comes alive as Starfield has allowed you to experience it by offering you the Dream Home trait.

The Dream House option is only available when you choose the Dream Home perk when you first create your character. This will allow you to purchase the home. Otherwise, the house will not be available in the game.

Once you own the home in Starfield, you can decorate it according to your imagination. However, there is a catch: the home in Starfield is owed to you by GalBank, and you have to pay them the mortgage to own it.

Where to find and visit dream home in Starfield

The option to visit your house will be unlocked after you see the Constellation in New Atlantis. After that, you will have The Dream Home quest available in the mission log. Under the mission, you can meet Landry Hollifield from the Galbank in New Atlantis.

Once you are done hearing his offers and payment structures, you can travel to Planet Nesoi in the Olympus System. After landing there, you will be directed to your dream home. However, you can only enter the home in Starfield if you have paid for it.

How to pay the mortgage of your Dream Home

When you visit Landry Hollifield in the Galbank, he will list three options for you.

  • You can pay 125000 Credits and instantly own the house
  • You can pay 500 Credits for all interest fees
  • You can hand over the home to the Galbank

The first option is the best, and I recommend it. But 125000 Credits are a lot, and most players might not have that much sum to spend on a dream home in Starfield. In that case, you can opt for the second option by paying 500 Credits every week when you enter the home.

It would be best to remember that this option will not give you ownership, nor will it pay the debt. It will only prevent the Galbank from ceasing your property. The third option can be chosen if you no longer want your dream home. Selecting this option will lock away the home in Starfield, and you cannot reaccess it.

Landry Holifield also offers a side quest called “Paid in Full.” In this side quest, you must hunt down Maliki, who got a loan from Galbank but still hasn’t returned. You can encounter him at the Procyon V1-B of the Procyon Solar System. You have to make him pay his loan from him either by convincing or violence.

Build and Customize Your Dream Home

You will find no furniture or decoration when you get to the house. You must do it yourself, but before that, you must pay off the mortgage in Starfield.

After the home in Starfield is under your name, visit the Living Room, and you can find a panel labeled Decorate. You can use this to purchase items or upgrade them. You can install furniture, utilities, and different systems. This is an entertaining feature to play with, which will make your imagination go wild in Starfield.

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