Starfield Beer Run Walkthrough

Settle a family dispute in the Beer Run mission by either sabotaging the batch or snitching on one member in Starfield.

A family disagreement on following one’s passion or resolving world hunger, Beer Run will put you in a moral dilemma in Starfield.

Sarah wants to invest in building her product but her husband wants to pursue his passion for brewing making the family at odd’s ends.

You will have the option to do nothing or shift the tides in one’s favor but each choice will impact your reward differently. Let’s see how you can get the most out of the Beer Run mission in Starfield.

How to unlock the Beer Run mission

There are no prerequisites here. You just need to head over to Akila City in the Cheyenne star system and speak with the guard at the main gates. He will mention Sarah Filburn being in an argument that could prove worth looking into.

After speaking to him, your Mission HUD will automatically be updated with the Beer Run mission under the MISC Tab.

How to complete Beer Run in Starfield

In order to complete the Beer Run side mission, you need to start by finding Sarah Filburn, as mentioned by the Akila city gate guard.

From the gate of Akila City, turn right from the central building and go up the stairs. Take the first right and enter Weston Filburn’s house, which can be found down the stairs on your right. Once inside, you will find Sarah Filburn.

She mentions that her husband and his brother have lost interest in their company and are focused on brewing beer now.

She believes that Filburn Agricultural Systems has the potential to extend the business across the galaxies.

With some R&D to back IntelliWheat up, Sarah believes that starvation can be ended in the Settled Systems.

To resolve the impasse in the Filburn family, she asks you to sabotage the beer batches and wait till it is transported to Stoneroot Inn which should take a day or two.

Sabotage the last batch of Henry’s Beer

Head down the stairs from the Filburn house, take a right, and head back up the stairs to find the Fermenter tanks on your right before the game court.

You will find the Filburn Agricultural Brewing Computer mounted on the wall next to them but remember to crouch while using it to avoid getting detected.

You will be given three ways to sabotage Henry’s Beer in the Beer Run mission of Starfield. Increasing the temperature or IBU will sabotage it while the last one won’t get you any reward for the Beer Run mission in Starfield.

You will have three ways to sabotage Henry’s Beer batch in Starfield. The first two options: increasing the temperature and increasing the IBU, will both sabotage the beer and give you the same rewards.

If you increase the alcohol content (the third option), you will actually improve Henry’s Beer. You will get no rewards for this option.

Find a way to sabotage Henry's Beer in Starfield.

Should you sabotage Henry’s Beer or not?

You can also decide to not sabotage Henry’s last batch of beer during the Beer Run mission of Starfield. This is the fourth option where you can choose to tell Henry about Sarah’s plan.

Take a right from Filburn’s house, head straight from the stairs and Henry’s house will be the first door on your left.

He will thank you for the tip and reward you in place of Sarah. Note that you will not be able to return to Sarah for further communication.

If you simply want more money or don’t agree with Sarah’s plan, we suggest telling Henry. We also strongly advise not going with the alcohol content option, simply because you will not gain anything from either party.

Check on the reactions to Henry’s Beer

After you have made your choice at the computer terminal, head back to your ship and sleep for 24 hours to see the consequences of your choice.

From the gate of Akila City, turn left from the central building, take the stairs down and you will find Stoneroot Inn on your right. Eavesdrop on Kate Foley and Eloise Reed’s conversation to learn about the outcome.

If you choose to increase the Beer’s temperature by 20°C, Kate mentions the poor taste making patrons not even order Henry’s old products.

Choosing to increase the IBU to 160 will make the beer be taken off the menu, both leading to Sarah getting her way.

If you increase the alcohol content, the demand for Henry’s beer will increase, making the business even more lucrative for the brothers.

Report back to Sarah

After you are done with the reactions, you will get a chance to report back to Sarah if you choose to increase the temperature or IBU content. She will be pleased with the news and hand you the reward while hoping to never see you again.

Starfield – Beer Run mission bugs and fixes

There is a bug in the Beer Run mission where Kate Folly will not initiate the conversation on the “See Reaction to Henry Filburn’s Latest Beer” step in Starfield.

The cause of this bug is unknown but fortunately, players were able to find a way to get around it.

You need to deal damage to her without making the surrounding NPCs alert or attack you. To do this, either go to the first floor and hit Kate with a silenced weapon or use your melee but holster it immediately.

This may take a few tries so save your game beforehand but she will resume the conversation with Eloise normally.

Starfield – Beer Run mission rewards

The rewards for the mission will differ slightly depending on who you favored while making the decision. For the side mission Beer Run, you will be rewarded 50 XP, 2500 Credits by Sarah, or 2900 Credits by Henry in Starfield.

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