Starfield Balancing The Books Walkthrough

Help Rafiq Hamza recover three spreadsheets to complete Balancing the Books in Starfield. This is an easy side mission to do.

A Senior Councillor working for the Ryujin Industries has lost the slate that contained valuable information regarding the corporation and is asking for your help in the Balancing the Books side quest in Starfield.

The quest essentially takes you towards a homeless person and tasks you with a trade-off for getting the slate back by retrieving their spreadsheets blown away by the wind. Along the way, you’ll truly understand how disorganized and below-poverty Neon City is.

How to unlock the “Balancing the Books” mission

You need to speak with the senior councilor member named Rafiq Hamza to unlock and start Balancing the Books in Starfield.

He can be found on the Operations floor of the Ryujin Industries Tower in Neon City. When you reach the looming Ruijin building, take the elevator down and then head into the back offices to find Rafiq Hamza.

How to complete Balancing the Books in Starfield

Rafiq will be a bit dismissive of you in the beginning but upon further exchange of dialogue, he’ll ask you to find the slate that was misplaced by him in the fishing district of Neon City located under the Ebbside.

Rafiq will mention a woman by the name of Huong Le who has expertise in retrieving items like the slate.

Your next objective will be to speak with Huong in the fishing district of Neon City.

Find Huong

Exit the Ryujin Building and head straight towards the Ebbside. Enter the Ebbside and take the elevator that takes you down to the Underbelly of Neon City.

When you exit the elevator, your quest marker will point you toward the dumpsters on your right where you’ll find Huong sitting beside them.

Speak with Huong and pay her the 25 Credits. Ask her about the slate and agree to do the trade-off by finding her spreadsheets in exchange for Hamza’s slate.

Huong will explain to you that her spreadsheets were lost near the Employee Break area which is less than 100 meters away from your location.

You need to retrieve the three spreadsheets and return them to her to complete the Balancing the Books side quest in Starfield.

Spreadsheet location 1

The first spreadsheet location will be right behind you towards the sitting area. Look under the cardboard box.

Spreadsheet location 2

After you’ve secured the first spreadsheet, look behind you towards the lockers where the second spreadsheet is placed. Open the locker and acquire the second spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet location 3

The last spreadsheet location to complete Balancing the Books in Starfield will be above the lockers where you found the second sheet.

If you don’t have your boost packs, get ready for some extensive parkour as you’ll have to maneuver through the gas cylinders and pipelines to get to the final spreadsheet.

Return to Huong and give her the spreadsheets to get back the slate. Now all that’s left is to head back to Hamza and get your reward.

Return to Hamza

Speak with Hamza and provide him with the lost slate to finish the Balancing the Books side quest in Starfield.

Starfield – Balancing the Books mission rewards

  • 2000 Credits
  • 55 EXP
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