Starfield Background Item IDs (Complete List)

Want to have a different personality to go with the outfit? Try swapping your background with the Background Item IDs in Starfield.

You are going to choose a Background for each playthrough in Starfield, which is permanent. Thankfully, if you are looking to change your personality midway, you can change your character’s Background by using Background Item IDs with Starfield console commands and cheats.

If you are looking for Background Item IDs then look no further because you are going to find every ID that exists in the game, in the list below.

How to use Background Item IDs in Starfield

Every item in Starfield has an ID attached to it because of its use in the console commands. That includes backgrounds as well.

Since every background comes with its own set of skills, it is very crucial to pick the one that suits your overall playstyle. This also means that you have an easy way to get the best backgrounds in Starfield.

There will be tons of options, conversations, and tasks that will depend on your background. Even though you are stuck with your initial choice, we have discussed that it can be fixed with a command.

To apply any command, you are going to need to access the console. It is always one key press away and that key happens to be the Tilde Key (~).


It is hiding on the plain side, just under the Escape Key. Bear in mind that using any command or cheat disables achievements. If you care about them, apply cheats in a separate save file.

Circling back to the Background conversation, here is how you can change your background using the background ID:

player.addperk [backgroundID]

You can put any background ID you want and you will have your whole background and personality swapped in with the new one.

Complete list of all Background IDs in Starfield

Background NameBackground ID
Beast Hunter0022EC81
Bounty Hunter0022EC80
Combat Medic0022EC7E
Combat Medic0022EC7D
Long Hauler0022EC75
Space Scoundrel0022EC6F
File Not Found002DFD1A

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