How To Collect Aqueous Hematite In Starfield

The Aqueous Hematite can help you craft an item to boost the carrying capacity.

The Aqueous Hematite is a resource item in Starfield that is used in crafting. During the Delivering Devils quest, an optional objective requires the player to contact Cambridge on the Comms panel, directing the player to a nearby location. This is the location of the Aqueous Hematite Sample.

If you still don’t know how to collect this sample in Starfield, here is how to get your hands on it.

How to collect the sample of Aqueous Hematite in Starfield?

As the quest suggests in the menu, you must first talk to Cambridge Cooper. For this, go to Mars, Cydonia, and look for a Sixth Circle Bar. Once you find him, talk to him, and he’ll give you the task inside The Deep Mines.

These mines are just beside the bar so that you can find them. If not, the quest marker is on the mine’s entrance, so track it.

The next step is to find the Intercom after you’ve entered the mines. However, before reaching the intercom, you must clear the area as many enemies are present here. Make sure you are equipped well to take them down.

Once they are gone, follow the quest marker to the intercom in Starfield. This would be inside a room below the stairs on the right.

Interact with the intercom, and this will connect you to Cambridge Cooper. He’ll tell you about the location of Aqueous Hematite in Starfield. The quest marker will also move to this new location far ahead. Don’t forget to collect the loot in this room.

Now, go upstairs and across the long path. Turn left, and you’ll see the marker below the metal ramp. Go up to it and look under the debris for the Aqueous Hematite. Another clue is a large Yellow container beside the Aqueous Hematite spot.

Inspecting the Aqueous Hematite may reveal that it needs to be extracted. For this process, equip the Cutter and use the attack button to get into action. This is the same process used for most minerals that require proper mining by hand in Starfield. Once done, the Aqueous Hematite will be added to your inventory.

How to craft Pick-Me-Up using Aqueous Hematite?

Now that you have the Aqueous Hematite, look for a Thresher. This is a machine that can craft items from resources. Turn around from the location of Aqueous Hematite and stick to the right wall. Go inside through the first door. Go straight ahead into a connecting room and interact with the Thresher.

Deposit the sample into it and wait for a while. In the meantime, check the loot around the area. When you return, your resource will be converted to an item called Pick-Me-Up in Starfield. Use this item when you are out of space to increase carrying capacity.

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