How To Get To Aphelion Realty In Starfield 

You can buy a home in Starfield by going to the Aphelion Realty office on New Atlantis. But, you will have to be a United Colonies citizen in the game.

The game world of Starfield is a lively one with tons of stuff to do. You can pursue quests, battle ships, and engage in roleplay. You can even purchase a home and settle down in the New Atlantis city in Starfield. This can be achieved by visiting the Aphelion Realty office in the game.

The New Atlantis city is filled with shops and offers many activities. So it is good to have a home in this city. Aphelion Realty is a real estate office that deals in buying and selling of property. You will need to visit this place, talk to the people inside, and ask to buy a home. But there are some prerequisites.

Aphelion Realty Location in Starfield 

As mentioned, Aphelion Realty is a real estate office where you can buy a home located on New Atlantis. It is on Jemison Planet, in the Alpha Centauri System so make your way there and land.  

After landing, head over to the MAST District. You can either use the tram system or use the planet’s view. Either way, you will see a ramp going to the top in the MAST District.  

Use this ramp to the top and turn left to see the massive memorial. Since it is a massive landmark, you will be less likely to miss it. Look to the right of the memorial to see a building with Aphelion Realty written on it; this is your destination. 

What to do in Aphelion Realty in Starfield 

There is little to do apart from purchasing a home. However, not everyone can buy a home. You will have to be a United Colonies Citizen. If you are a citizen, head inside and talk to Zora Sangweni. Ask her about the available homes and the prices.  

She will tell you about a home available in Well District for 30 thousand credits. If you have enough credits, you can buy and explore it.  

How to become a United Colonies Citizen in Starfield 

If you are not a United Colonies Citizen, Zora Sangweni will not sell you a home. Becoming a citizen is very simple. You can do this in the early phases of the game. You just have to complete the UC Vanguard storyline.  

To start this questline, go to the MAST building, near the Aphelion realty building. Head inside to speak with Commander Tuala, who will assign you a Supra Et Ultra mission in Starfield. Progress to this quest to join the Vanguard. Later, you will be granted the citizenship of the United Colonies.  

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