Starfield Apex Predator Walkthrough

Help out Dr. Percival collect some alien samples of Apex Predators in Starfield. You can even get Hadrian to help you.

Apex Predator is a side quest commissioned by the United Colonies to help a Xenobiologist collect samples of any aliens that may be a threat to UC Vanguard after the Terrormorph attacks in Starfield.

The quest is short and straightforward helping you farm a few thousand Credits and XP for your troubles.

How to unlock the Apex Predator mission

Travel to Mars in the Sol System and speak with Dr. Percival to start the Apex Predator mission in Starfield. He will be working in his lab in the Red Devil HQ. Take the elevator down to the facility and you will find Dr. Percival next to an alien corpse.

How to complete Apex Predator in Starfield

Dr. Percival wants you to help his research by collecting different alien samples. He will give you a list of alien species that can be found on different planets.

Apex Predator is another mission in Starfield that uses procedural generation to give random locations to every player in every playthrough. Here, the alien species and their alien planets that Dr. Percival gives you may vary from player to player.

In our case, we received the objective to collect the samples of Tentabeards which are a form of alien insects. They are harmless until you attack them. However, you may get a different alien species that are extremely hostile and attack you on sight.


The location we received in our objective may vary due to the randomization feature present in Starfield. The list of possible locations is as follows:

  • Muphrid V-B
  • Groombridge VIII-A
  • Alpha Andraste III

Recruit Hadrian (optional)

Hadrian is the woman you saved in the Grunt Work campaign mission and can be recruited for the Apex Predator side quest in Starfield.

You can find Hadrian in front of the entrance where she will be speaking with some of her colleagues. After you are done with Percival, talk to Hadrian to recruit her for the mission.

We advise you to not recruit Hadrian if you want to complete an optional objective for some extra credits.

Collect the samples

Follow your quest marker to the designated planet and land your ship. The quest marker will then lead you to the alien species’ habitat or location.

There are two ways to collect a sample. You can either kill the aliens or get close enough for a sample without attacking/killing them.

Use a non-lethal approach (optional)

Depending on the alien species you get in Apex Predator, it is entirely possible to collect the samples without killing them.

That being said, having Hadrian will make it difficult to follow a non-lethal approach because she is going to start attacking as soon as you get close to any alien.

Hence, if you want to complete this optional objective, leave Hadrian back at the base.

Return to Mars

Once you’ve collected all the required samples head back to Mars and hand them over to the Xenobiologist standing outside of the Red Devil HQ.

Starfield – Apex Predator mission rewards

  • 300 Credits
  • 150 EXP

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