Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Life Essence Locations Guide

Increase Cal's health and allow him to withstand more damage in battles with our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Life Essence Locations guide

In this guide for Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order we will be discussing how to get Life Essences so you can increase your health bar and fight a bit more loosely during battles, not that it’s a good thing to be over-confident. Similar to the Force Essences, you can collect three Life Essences for an upgrade for your health bar, with a total of 12 to collect in 5 different locations. So check out these Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Life Essence Locations and have Cal fight with a bit extra health.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Life Essence Locations

Apart from these Life Essences, you can also increase Cal’s maximum health with the help of an unlock in the Skill Tree.

Bogano – Life Essence Locations

Bogdo Sinkholes
Once you arrive in the sinkholes, go right and walk along the pipe, follow the right path until you reach the cave where you will find Oggdo Bogdo guarding a secret; the Life Essence.

He can be hard to beat so you can always return later with a better arsenal to annihilate him, or if you like to take a challenge, then fight your way through Oggdo Bogdo showing him who is the real boss.

Subterranean Refuge
After unlocking Jedi flip go to the room in the Subterranean Refuge where you first learnt how to do the wall run. You should see a muddy slope with runnable walls, simply make your way across and use Jedi flip to climb the slope.

Get to the top and start wall running again until you reach the platform, and go to the far passageway where you will find the Life Essence.


Gusty Bluffs
Slow the fans down and reach the highest bluff where you should also find a meditation circle.

Take the path to the right and make your way through more fans by slowing them down, here you will find a secret tunnel leading you to the secret Life Essence.

Augur Pulverziers
After exiting the tunnel dodging the pulverziers go left where you will see poles coming out of the ground. Go to them and look below to see a pulverizer.

Jump into it after slowing it down and then slow the one next to it. Time your jump right as you sprint and get to the next pulverizer and then repeat the process.

Having Jedi Flip at this point is definitely good insurance. Once you make it to the end you should find the Life Essence secret.

Crash Site
Find the crashed fighter to the right of the lake and you should see a rope here which will take you to a small opening.

Climb up and then overcharge the panel using BD-1 after which three pulverizers will initiate, use your Slow ability to time everything and make your way to the top where you will find the Life Essence secret.

Get to the top of Venator wreckage at the Crash Site and take the path left making your way through the tube to find the secret Life Essence.

Kashyyyk – Life Essence Locations

Overgrown Pass
Going through the overgrown pass, you will find yourself in the Imperial Refinery where you will use Force Push to knock down a pipe which will create a path for you to walk on, here the secret Life Essence lies to your left.


Brother’s Bastion
You do not need any late game powers for this Life Essence.

Go through the tunnel to the right of the workbench, where you will climb up the wall at the end and you will be able to find the secret on the ledge outside.

Beware that you will have to fight the Nightbrothers on the way which can be relatively challenging should you not tread lightly.

Strangled Cliffs
Start in the Upper portion of the Strangled Cliffs.

Make your way across the walkway until you get past that locked door on your left, after moving a bit further than this point, turn left and push the Box using the Force until it reaches the back after which just push it to the left where it will fall into a hallway.

Now push the box towards the end of the hall towards the doorway, after which climb to the top and use the vines to climb up and around the wall.

You will now find yourself behind the locked door you came across earlier, where you will also be able to find the secret Life Essence.


Crystal Cave
Go to the meditation circle at the end of the Crystal Cave where you will go through the only path you have.

Take the left fork and use the ropes and wall running panels to make your way to the ice wall.

Climb up and you should be able to navigate your way around it to the Life Essence secret.

Return to the meditation circle now and go left only this time to be slicing through the icicle wall.

Follow the path to the other side, and parkour your way across until you come across the secret Life Essence.

And that concludes all the Life Essence in all the planets found in the game. With the knowledge of each location, go ahead and collect all of them.

With all of the Essences in your grasp, you should be able to feel much less vulnerable during battles.

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