Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Best Skills Guide

Learn all about Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order best skills in order to upgrade Cal's abilities to take on any kind of enemy with our guide

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order brings a variety of skills, and if without proper planning you start buying the skills in a row, you will have a hard time with some encounters. Take a look at our Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Best Skills guide to get an understanding of how best to upgrade Cal’s skills.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Best Skills

As you play as Cal, exploring and killing things you will gather XP which you can bank at Meditation circles. Acquire enough XP and you will level up which rewards you one skill point that you can spend at these circles to acquire new abilities.

There are three main categories of skills and all the skills fall into any of these:

Force: Grants bonuses to your Jedi Powers

Lightsaber: Improve your combat abilities

Survival: Help you live longer

Now talking about the Best Skills in Jedi Fallen Order, as there are a total of three main categories, our focus is to get the best skills of all three main categories.

If you are planning to equip the skills yourself, keep in mind that the best approach is to maintain a balance between all of the three so that Cal doesn’t fall behind in any of the main skills.

Theoretically, you should be able to learn every skill in the game but that will also require a lot of grinding. But to exactly know which of the skills of all the three categories are the bests, here are the details:

Talking about the best skills to equip in the Force category, Ultimate Force Attunement, Grasping Pull and The Power of Friendship are the best of all the skills.

Ultimate Force Attunement increases Cal’s max force. It costs you 2 Points to equip it.

Grasping Pull is the best skill to include in your skills set. It allows you to pull an enemy towards you and hold him, so that you can lend him a nice hit. Kills smaller enemies in a single blow!

The Power of Friendship is yet another amazing skill – Thanks to the BD-1 here. His Stim Canister will recover a ton of health, as well as Refill your Force Meter each time you use this skills. It will cost you 3 points to equip this one.

The available skills to increase your combat ability fall in the category of Lightsaber. No Jedi is complete without their lightsaber hence the best skills of the lightsaber category are Lightsaber Throw & Dash Strike.

The Lightsaber Throw, which costs you 3 Skill Points, is like another hand grown up! You will be able to throw your lightsaber onto your enemies, and it will hit them hard before it returns to you. The amazing thing about it is its speed!

The Dash Strike Skill is as handy as ordinary it sounds. Dash strikes may sound nothing extra-ordinary, but the great thing about equipping this skill is that it lets you flip over your target when you jump while dashing.

You can easily evade the enemy’s unblockable strikes. This Jedi Fallen order skill only costs 1 point.

As important as it sounds, you must have good damage dealing ability when you get into a fight because even the weakest enemies can damage you once you make a mistake.

So the best skills to increase your Survival Ability are Agile Deflection & Personalized Stims.

Agile Deflection is the cheapest yet most efficient skill. You will not have to hold the blocks anymore!

It gives Cal the ability to block the enemy’s blaster bolts while sprinting or wall-running. Also sometimes it will deflect the strike onto the enemy if the angle is right.

Similarly, Personalized Stims are a great addition to your skills set as they grant you will an additional life! Costing just 2 skill points, you must have this skill with you to under-take those with extra health who have been knocking you out.

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