Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Essence Locations Guide

Upgrade the number of times you can use force powers by visiting all force essence locations in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is a game designed to punish you, so you need to make sure you pick up every possible upgrade from every possible source as you play the game. One of these sources for upgrades is Force Essences. Picking every three of these Force Essences will get you an upgrade and increase Cal’s maximum Force. This Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Essence Locations guide will give you information about these pickups (12 in total) on all the planets so you can earn yourself four upgrades in total and boost your Force Reserves.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Force Essence Locations

Bogano Force Essence Locations

You can find two essences in total on Bogano, one of which you can grab early on in the game, while for the second one you are going to need the Force Push before you can grab it.

Bogdo Sinkholes
You can find the Essence in the Bogdo Sinkholes by walking on the pipe and heading to the spinning fan. Slow the fan down using Cal’s slow ability and make your way across all the obstacles to find the Force Essence.

Abandoned Workshop
Go to the bridge from the Great Divide and use Force Push to make your way into the Abandoned Workshop. Here you will find a room with a secret waiting for you. Proceed further to gather your essence.

Kashyyyk Force Essence Locations

Compared to Bogano, you will find three Force Essence instead of two. You can find them in the following locations on Kashyyyk.

Forest Trench
Once you have the Powered Zipline Upgrade go to the workshop and near the Cargo Pad; where you picked up the Overcharge Upgrade for PD, use the Zipline to grab the essence.

Imperial Refinery
Imperial Refinery has two essences.

Imperial Refinery has a specific area which has Stormtroopers fighting beings that resemble Spiders, go up the ledge here towards the left side where you should see a Stormtrooper scoping the area out from a platform.

Proceed through that specific walkway and go through the narrow passage to find the secret essence on a ledge (Same location as Albino Wyyyschokk).

In the control room where you fight stormtroopers and the security droid, a pipe will lead you into a different path, use the pipe and simply go through the two spinning fans using your slow ability to find the secret.

Dathomir Force Essence Locations

Dathomir has only one Force Essence that you can find, it is located in Witches Horn.

Witches Horn
Climb the tall rock wall near the meditation circle in Witches Horn until you reach the top and then simply turn right and grab the essence.


Similar to Dathomir, there is only one Force Essence to be found on Ilum.

Shattered Lake
Head to the right from the Landing Pad on Ilum and then wall run yourself across through the panels on the left side of the canyon, and you should be able to find the secret here.


Zeffo has the most Force Essences compared to any other location. You can collect the first one very simply without the need of any abilities, but the rest may require you to be a bit farther into the story before you actually approach them.

Tomb of Eilram
There is a room in Tomb of Eilram with a ball rolling around.

To solve the puzzle, you will need to use both Wind Blasts to balance the ball after which you will turn on the jet to fit the ball into the socket which will then show you the Force Essence.

Another secret can be found in Tomb of Eilram after you have the Force Push, go to the long broken hall to find the Force Essence inside the cave wall, just push the bomb into the wall to reveal the secret.

Broken Wing
Go to the Crash Site, and head to the leftmost island. Go on top of the structure and to the electrical panel where you will use BD-1’s Overcharge to disable the barrier and get yourself through the crack.

Go down the path and turn the electricity on and off, cut any wires you see and when you reach the end, simply go up the elevator where you will find the Force Essence. Turn the power back on and head out of this place.

Tomb of Miktrull
Head to the bottom floor of Tomb of Miktrull’s main room where you will see a door to the right of the lantern wall.

Grab some light and head inside. Now throw the lantern through the hole located above the gate.

Now use Force Pull to pull the rope and join it to the anchor. Kill the goat on the other side and grab the lantern which you will throw at the roots and then climb to find your Force Essence.

Venator Wreckage
As you make your way up to the wreckage, when you see the long vine, do not swing across, but instead, tilt yourself left after which you will see an opening to jump to. Here you will find the Force Essence.

That concludes the entire list of every Force Essence found in the game on every planet. Hopefully, this will help you out in progressing your character and discover these secret locations in their entirety.

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