Splatoon 3 Hero Mode Rewards And Unlocks Guide

Splatoon 3 Hero mode is basically a solo-player campaign mode. You must have heard about Hero Shot Replica and Hero Gear. They can only be unlocked if you have cleared all the stages in Hero Mode using the main character. All the rewards and unlocks for Splatoon 3 Hero Mode are discussed in this guide.

What rewards are unlocked for completing Hero Mode in Splatoon 3?

Defeat the final boss Mr Grizz and you will have successfully completed the campaign mode of Splatoon 3.

If you were wondering what rewards will be unlocked for completing hero mode in Splatoon 3, well, you will be rewarded with the following Hero Gears:

Hero Mindset Replica

  • Brand: Cuttlegear
  • Default Ability: Sub Power Up
  • Available Ability Slots: 2

Hero Suit Replica

  • Brand: Cuttlegear
  • Default Ability: Quick Respawn
  • Available Ability Slots: 1

Hero Mindset Replica

  • Brand: Cuttlegear
  • Default Ability: Ink Resistance Up
  • Available Ability Slots: 4

Hero Shot Replica
You will be rewarded with Hero Shot Replica as well if you clear the Hero mode. Hero Shot Replica is just the same as Splattershot.

Memorial Sticker
You will receive a sticker as well on the completion of Hero Mode. You can collect this sticker by going to the lobby. The sticker will have a picture of Smallfry, Cap’n Cuttle and the Squid Sisters.

Unlocking After Alterna

You will unlock another stage, after completing the Splatoon 3 campaign, which is actually a bonus stage and is called as “After Alterna”. After Alterna can only be accessed through the lower end of Future Utopia Island.

This stage is quite difficult to complete hence a player with extraordinary skills will be able to finish it.

You are going to get rewards for clearing this stage. The rewards are given below:

  • Titles of ‘Alterna’ and ‘World Champ’
  • New ‘Teddy Band’ gear
  • Final Alterna Log: Extra Log

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