How To Defeat Mr Grizz In Splatoon 3

The owner of Grizzco, Mr. Grizz is making yet another entry into the world of Splatoon 3. He is a Gigantic Bear that is the final boss of the campaign of Splatoon 3. This guide will give information regarding Mr Grizz in Splatoon 3 and how to defeat him.

How to unlock Mr. Grizz

As previously mentioned, Mr. Grizz is the final boss which you will encounter in the Hero mode.

To fight against him, you will head to Happiness Research Lab (Site 6) and defeat the Big Man to unlock the final boss.

You will then head to the top of the Alterna Space Center and also watch some cool cutscenes along the way. After you are done through all the cutscenes, the fight with Mr. Grizz will begin.

Why does Mr. Grizz want eggs?

Mr. Grizz discovered Fuzzy Ooze that is able to convert any living thing into a mammal. And in order to speed up the process of producing this Ooze, Mr. Grizz found out that he needs Salmonids’ Golden Eggs.

How to defeat Mr. Grizz in Splatoon 3

The fight against Mr. Grizz has two phases, each with different attack patterns and locations. You will have a checkpoint in between so you won’t have to worry about getting spattered.


When fighting against Mr. Grizz, ink a wide area to increase your agility against AOE attacks in both phases of the boss. You will try your best to keep your distance in phase 2 of the boss to avoid any stray attacks coming toward you.

Phase 1

In Phase 1 of the battle, you will fight Mr. Grizz atop his Rocket. To defeat him, you will try to get close to the boss as soon as you can. You will encounter multiple mobs along the way that you can choose to ignore since they are not that much of a threat.

You will collect Salmonoid Eggs whenever you see them to power up the small fry to remove the Fuzzy Ink on the battle stage that the boss spreads.

When collecting the eggs, the boss will swing his claw, creating pillars of ink, that you can dodge simply by standing in between them.

Once you get close and hit the boss once, Mr. Grizz will then launch bombs which will splatter ink all over the battle stage. Running away from these bombs will be the wisest move to do.

At some point, when you are almost close to the boss, he will start doing some sonic attacks that you dodge by simply hiding behind an obstacle.

Mr. Grizz will then roll the ship in hopes to knock you off. Keep moving in the opposite direction to avoid getting knocked down.

Lastly, when you get close to the boss, you will hit Mr. Grizz 3 times which will mark the end of Phase 1. However, Mr. Grizz will start raising his arms intending to slam the ground in hopes of knocking you off. You can just move a bit away from him to dodge this attack.

Phase 2

In Phase 2 of the battle, Small Fry that was hanging around in the battle dealing with fuzzy inks will turn into Big Fry and help you out.

When Mr. Grizz is busy fighting against Big Fry, you will approach the boss and suck off the glowing fuzzballs by holding down the ZR button.

While approaching the boss, you will encounter Fake Fuzzballs which will block your path towards the boss. When you are busy sucking the glowing fuzzballs off his body, you will encounter small mobs that you will need to get rid of immediately.

When you have sucked 3 gigantic fuzzballs, you will then shoot off a gigantic laser at the boss ending the second phase of the battle.

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