Spiderman Game for PS4 by Sucker Punch Might Actually be Happening

Rumors of a new Spiderman game have been in the air for some time now, although the last rumors were debunked for being a hoax, we have another unconfirmed news suggesting that the game might actually be in development after all.

The source is not official, of course, but it is a known motion capture artist named Stephen Oyoung who is claiming to have worked on an “Untitled Spiderman PS4 project.”

Needless to say, he also mentions in his resume that the work has been done for Sony, just like we reported in the past.

The problem is that Oyoung removed the entry from his resume soon after he put it on. If all this is legitimate, the only reason for that could be Sony is trying to keep things under the wraps for now.

However, some quick-on-action fans were able to take down a screenshot of his CV while the Spiderman game was still included in it.

Spiderman Game

We don’t have much else to go on right now, but this breathes life to the old rumors suggesting that Sucker Punch will be making a game based on our dear old Spidey and release it for the PS4.

This game was previously mentioned in April when it was also rumored that E3 2016 will bring a trailer for it. If everything goes well, we might as well see that coming true.

Do keep in mind that all this is based on pure speculation which is why it should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt, until Sucker Punch or Sony are ready to divulge the details.

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