Sucker Punch Hiring for a “Spectacular” Game, New Spider Man?

Sucker Punch is hiring a senior Graphics engineer for its "Spectacular" game which we believe could be a New Spider Man from SONY.

Sucker Punch is currently working on a new PlayStation title. The company is hiring for its new “Spectacular” game that we think may be The Spectacular Spider Man.

Sucker Punch is looking for a Graphics Engineer for its next sandbox game. Rumors of a new Spider Man game have been around for a the past couple of months, Sony owns the character and Sucker Punch team is talented enough to handle its development and provide a decent webslinger game.

Graphics are a major focus for Sucker Punch, they are focusing on lighting, colors, and the game’s art. If you are an engineer and think you can handle whatever Sucker Punch throws at you, here are your responsibilities and job requirements.


  • Design and develop new features in our graphics engine, from user input to beautiful pixels.
  • Analyze and enhance existing features, and support the artists and designers using them.
  • Keep up to date with the latest developments and research in graphics programming, and look for opportunities to apply this knowledge on our engine.


  • Five years of C/C++ graphics programming experience in the games industry
  • Previous work experience on a medium-to-large team
  • Amazing math skills.
    • GPUs use math to transform data into awesomeness: you provide the math.
  • Up to date with the state-of-the-art in graphics programming for games.

Bonus Factors

  • Experience with Maya C++ and Maya Python interfaces
  • Proficiency in art asset pipelines

Would you like to see another Spider Man game from Sucker Punch or a new IP?

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