Sony Is Working On a Playstation 4 Spiderman Game?

It’s been a good several years since we’ve had a good Spiderman game on consoles. The latest one to solely focus on the web-slinging superhero was the licensed “The Amazing Spiderman 2” video game that came out in 2014 and received mixed reviews, following a licensed game for the first Amazing Spiderman movie. Now, however, there are rumors that Sony is working on a Playstation 4 Spiderman game.

The rumor started up at the website Nerdleaks, the same site that revealed the possibility of Kratos coming up with some flimsy reason to butcher the Norse pantheon in a God of War 4 game.

“It’s been too long since last leak. Here’s one. Sony is working at “Untitled Spiderman PS4 Project”. Trailer incoming (E3 2016?)”

The rumor is especially notable mainly because Activision is the publisher and holds the rights for making Spiderman video games. How Sony has been able to legally pull off the possibility of a Playstation 4 Spiderman game remains a mystery, but if the rumor is true we probably won’t have long to wait if Activision decides to pitch a fit and try and sue.

While there have been Spiderman video games for almost as long as video games have been around, only a few of them have been truly “good.” Many gamers nowadays, when playing a Spiderman game, focus on one quality: The web-slinging, the most important and biggest part of any of the Spiderman games, as they’re how he moves around New York City (or at least Manhattan).

The best of these older games is mostly agreed to be the Spiderman 2 licensed video game, which won praise for its open world with a lot of crimes and emergencies to address and excellent use of Spiderman’s powers (among other things Spiderman couldn’t just swing from nothing with his webs, he had to actually aim at a building like a “normal” superhero).

Whatever Sony is planning for this Playstation 4 Spiderman game, with luck it will be good enough kick-start a new generation of Spiderman games that actually value quality over the possibility of making money.


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