Marvel’s Spider-Man Tips And Tricks

There are a number of game systems to master in Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered. From web-swinging to crime fighting to combat mechanics...

There are a number of game systems to master in Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered. From web-swinging to crime fighting to combat mechanics to enemy types, and more.

The following tips and tricks will make sure that you get a good understanding of the game before swinging your way in. These pointers will make your stay a lot easier (and fun) as you save the city as everyone’s friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

Master dodging

If you are playing at a higher difficulty setting, you will need to master dodging. Perfect Dodge is a Defender skill that should be unlocked as soon as possible. It allows Spider-Man to automatically web the enemy after countering their attack.

Unlocking the next, Dodge Window skill further improves dodging by increasing your countering time. These two skills should be a priority in the skill trees.

Master swinging

Swinging is your main traversal method in Spider-Man Remastered. Hence, it becomes all the more important to know how to swing fast and long.

The basic idea is to get a feel of the physics involved. You need to let go at either the top or bottom of a swing for height and speed respectively. Any momentum you gain can be transferred into your next swing for additional velocity.

Button mashing is a sin

Learn to control your emotions while fighting enemies. Simply mashing your controller to beat up enemies might look like a good strategy until you face more and higher-level enemies.

Spider-Man has various abilities in his armory. Use them against the right enemy for a clean and efficient fight. For example, enemies wielding batons need to be launched in the air, and enemies with shields need to be dodged.

Complete all side quests

Make sure to find and complete all of the optional side activities because they pay a variety of Tokens that can be used to unlock new Spider suits, mods, gadgets, and upgrades.

There are a ton of things to unlock in the game. You will need all the Tokens you can find.

Use Electric Punches for crowd control

When it comes to crowd control, the Electric Punch ability is the perfect way to handle a large number of enemies. You can get access to the ability by unlocking the Electrically Insulated Suit.

The Electric Punch can chain-shock multiple nearby enemies. Using it at the right time can potentially shock/stun an entire group, giving you ample time to pummel all of them before they come to their senses.

Prioritize the gun-wielding enemies

Something you will understand early in the game is that enemies with guns are pretty annoying. Their one bullet can interrupt your combo string and leave you open to attacks from other nearby enemies.

Hence, make it a priority to always take out the gun-wielding enemies first. Note that you can also use Yank skills to pull their weapons using your web-shots. Unlock the Yank and Throw skill to throw them back as projectiles.

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