Marvel’s Spider-Man Swinging Tips

Looking on tips for better web swinging in Marvel's Spider-Man on the PS4? Read this guide for more information.

The biggest feat of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered was perfecting the ability to swing seamlessly from building to building. Swinging, however, needs a bit of getting used to because there is more to it than just pressing buttons. You need to feel the air and physics involved.

Help Peter Parker take pictures and complete missions in the streets of New York City with some fine tricks. This guide will help you swing fast with ease in Spider-Man Remastered.

Swing at the Right Time

Swinging becomes easy when you focus on maintaining your momentum in Spider-Man. First, if you can’t remember your moves, simply hold R2 for auto swing. Though this is a slow move with less adrenaline, it can generate high-speed swings, too.

Moving forth to high-speed swings, if you’re looking for soothing adrenaline-pumping swings, hit R2 to swing, and once you reach a height, press X and release R2. This will drop Spider-Man with faster swings. You can repeat this to swing faster. If you are near a small building, use R2-L2 to bounce and swing quickly.

But if you run near a closed wall, don’t try to force a swing; run through it because swinging may be cool, but that’s not only what Peter Parker can do.

Timing the Jumps

timing the jumps while swinging in Spider-Man

Knowing the correct time to jump affects the speed; say, if you want to boost your speed, jump as Spider-man’s legs come close to one another and bend upright to a right angle while. If you do jump early, your speed will reduce. So, you need to focus on timing your moves for perfect swing and speed.

Buy Best Swinging Moves

If you want cool moves and animations while swinging, get Charge Jump, and Point Launch Boost swinging moves from the skill tree. Get these moves in the early game to boost your Skill Points.

Air Tricks while Swinging

spider-man swinging in the air

Show off your spidey with cool air tricks and earn extra focus and XP. To perform tricks while swinging, press L while heading in the direction you want to move and let your spider-man do the trick. But if you want to do some backflips, hold a circle and triangle in mid-air.

Slowing Time while Swinging Technique

Use the aim button (left trigger/L button) to slow down time while swinging during normal gameplay. This helps to maintain your momentum and you can pull off some stunts. You can increase or decrease the speed without breaking the websling.

Helix Spin while Swinging

spider-man helix spin swinging

Dive naturally and hold L+R (circle and triangle) and move in either left or right direction to spin spider-man while swinging in either direction.

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