Marvel’s Spider-Man Swinging (Tricks) Guide

The biggest feat of Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered was perfecting the ability to swing seamlessly from building to building. Swinging, however, needs a bit of getting used to because there is more to it than just pressing buttons. You need to feel the air and physics involved.

The following guide will teach you how to swing efficiently in Spider-Man Remastered, how to swing fast, and how to do a few swinging tricks with ease.

How To Swing Fast In Spider-Man Remastered

The swinging mechanics in the game are actually minimal but you have to get a feel of the physics involved before you can actually swing like a true web-crawling superhero.

You press and hold R2 to attach your web to a point and swing across the gap. Release R2 to discontinue the swing, then press and hold R2 again for another swing and so on; all while using the L2 stick to control the direction of your travel.

Although swinging might seem easy, players are required to keep their speed and momentum constant, if not increasing, in every swing so that they reach their destination quickly and efficiently.

Hence, newcomers are more likely to bump into buildings while swinging for the first time. To swing naturally and add speed and efficiency to each swing, you must familiarize yourself with a few basics.


Shooting a web while running will add momentum to your swing and help you swing faster, at least for the first swing. You must also consider the direction of the swing, and when to shoot and release the next web.

Swinging in the same direction will keep that momentum going. Furthermore, always shoot your second web once you have traveled the most distance. This will ensure that your momentum does not break. Shooting a web in the middle of a swing will result in reduced speed.

It’s primarily your judgment/intuition that works best when deciding the point at which you shoot your second web, and when it does, release R2 and then continue your swing, letting gravity do its work to increase your speed even further.

Moreover, when you let go of the swing press “X”, this will add a jump, allowing you to gain even more height and, consequently, speed.

Furthermore, acquire the Quick Zip skill from the Webslinger skill tree. This particular skill will allow you to press “X” once more to perform a kind of a double jump, slightly increasing your speed.

Best Swinging Skills To Unlock

There are a couple of important skills that you can unlock to give a massive boost to your swinging talents in Spider-Man Remastered.

Point Launch can only be done when Spider-Man is sitting on a vantage point. Pressing the “X” button on your controller will see you launch forward with a massive speed boost and a bit of additional height.

You can further upgrade Point Launch with Point Launch Boost which improves the speed boost you gain.

You can use these skills to traverse without swinging but you will be limited by the launch points that the game provides meaning eventually you will have to swing.

You can also use the Quick Recovery skill to help with your speed in case you hit the ground. Having this skill, you can press X while coming off of your roll on the ground to jump up and continue your swing without losing much of your speed.

Another great skill to further improve your swinging and traversal across New York City include the Charge Jump but it won’t come cheap.

How To Do The Spider-Man Swing Trick

Swinging is not just traversal in Spider-Man Remastered. You can also perform several cool tricks between your swings to impress the NPCs down below. Pulling off successive different tricks will allow you to increase your swing speed as well as earn a bit of extra XP.

You can do the classic Spider-Man swing trick, where he summersaults in the air, by pressing the Triangle and Circle buttons together while in free dive. When falling to the ground below, you can use the left analog stick to control the direction of his helix spin.

Other Swinging Tricks

There are four other swinging tricks Spider-Man can pull off. These tricks can be selected via the analog L stick where the direction you choose alternates between your skills; all while holding the TRIANGLE and CIRCLE buttons together.

If you move the L stick forward, Spider-Man will perform front rolls and vice versa. If you move the L-stick towards the right or left side, he will do sort of like a ‘corkscrew’ in the direction of the stick.