Marvel’s Spider-Man Difficulty Levels Explained

If you are playing Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered for the first time, you might be scratching your head over which difficulty...

If you are playing Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered for the first time, you might be scratching your head over which difficulty setting to choose.

There are a number of difficulty levels to play the game on and the following guide will explain what each difficulty level does.

Spider-Man Difficulty Levels

There are five difficulty levels to choose from in the game, each ramping the challenge further.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood (Very Easy)
  • Friendly (Easy)
  • Amazing (Normal)
  • Spectacular (Hard)
  • Ultimate (Very Hard)

Friendly Neighbourhood

This is the easiest difficulty setting you can go for. The Friendly Neighbourhood setting gives a smooth experience for beginners to understand the mechanics of the game.

Enemies take much longer to attack and the damage done by them is fairly low. You will have no problems recovering from any damage taken during any skirmish.


Enemies can hit a bit harder in the Friendly difficulty setting. Their attacks also become swift, particularly enemies wielding guns or firearms will become faster. However, the damage done to Spider-Man is still low enough to not warrant any concern.


If you want to play it safe while still facing a bit of challenge, go with the Amazing difficulty setting. Enemies are more or less as fast and aggressive as in the Friendly setting. However, they now do enough damage with their attacks for you to start dodging out of the way.


Spectacular is where Spider-Man Remastered starts posing a real challenge. Enemies are not going to wait around to attack. They will show more aggressiveness while landing lethal blows that can take a good chunk out of your health pool.

If you are playing in the Spectacular difficulty setting, note that there is a risk of death. A single bad move and you just might swing away after raising a white flag.


The Ultimate difficulty setting gets unlocked after you finish the game once. This ramps up the difficulty level all the way into the red.

Enemies can now take you down with just one or two successful hits. They also tend to surround you more easily if you are not looking over your shoulder.

Ultimate is for players who have mastered every gameplay mechanic in Spider-Man Remastered. That includes dodging, swinging, abilities, and combat. No form of button mashing will help you here.

How To Change Difficulty Settings

You can naturally select a difficulty level when starting the game for the first time. You can also change the difficulty settings at any point afterward.

Simply open up the main menu and head into “Game Options” to find the “Difficulty” setting.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered has no trophy/achievement tied to any difficulty setting. Hence, if you are finding the game too hard, you can lower the difficulty setting on the fly without any concerns about missing a trophy/achievement.

You can earn the Platinum trophy/achievement on even the tutorial-level Friendly Neighbourhood difficulty setting.

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