South Park: The Stick of Truth Missable Items Locations Guide

Where and how to find all the South Park: The Stick of Truth Missable items to avoid multiple playthroughs of the game.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is a huge game with loads of exploration elements. But since the game is huge, there are things which can be missed.

And since there are a couple of Achievements/Trophies tied to these items; missing these items can cause a hindrance if you’re on an Achievement Hunt.

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South Park: The Stick of Truth Missable Items Locations

Check out the list provided below to know about these miss-able items and how to obtain them! Also, don’t forget to share if you find anything missing in this guide. We always appreciate your feedback.

Location: Although Clyde will unfriend you in the later portion of the game, it is advised that you befriend him prior to talking to Cartman.

Dodge Ball
Location: While visiting the School for the very first time, you’ll acquire different sets of keys. This one is located on top of a hall monitor in the group in which the Brass Key is located.

Mace of Restoration
Location: After collecting the previous equipment (Dodge Ball), head to the hallway and take out Monitor Boss. After this, use the acquired key to open up a nearby locker and you’ll get it.

Chinpokomon – Roidrat
Location: While on the Giggling Donkey, you need to check the attic right next to two crates and some bottles to find this.

Wood Elf Gloves
Location: This can be found in the attic of the Giggling Donkey. This equipment is pretty obvious to find but certainly missable.

Crutch of Weakness
Location: This item can be acquired from Jimmy after you’ve successfully beaten him up in the Bar’s Quest in the upper floor of Giggling Donkey.

Wood Elf Cap
Location: Soon after obtaining the previous piece of equipment (Crutch of Weakness), search the room for a yellow treasure chest which will provide you with this.

Mongorian Bow
Location: It can be obtained from one of the Mongorian children on the second floor of the Tower of Peace.

Alien Helmet
Location: This item is located in the UFO in a purple chest located behind Randy inside Observation Deck.

Alien Suit
Location: This item is located in the Engine Room of UFO. It will be located inside a purple chest placed near the elevator.

Alien Gloves
Location: After beating up Alien Chief of Security, check the body and you’ll get them off him.

Tinfoil Hat
Location: While on the Alien Abduction Quest, you need to beat up the Alien Hobo and get it off him.

Alien Probe
Location: After receiving the previous equipment, you need to lower down the force fields and look for it inside a purple treasure chest located on the left of the entrance.

Location: While on the Alien Abduction Quest, you need to head to the very end of the quest and look for it near some wall-mounted monitors. It’ll be right among them.

Necromancer Hood
Location: While on your second visit of the School, you need to head to the second floor and an enemy will start attacking your partner. Beat up this fellow and the equipment is yours!

Necromancer Robes
Location: After collecting the Necromancer Hood, you need to head to the Boiler Room and a Nazi Zombie Ginger will begin attacking you. Take him out and you’ll receive it.

Necromancer Gloves
Location: Inside the hallway near the Cafeteria, a student will begin attacking your partner. You must take him out to get this equipment.

Location: Head to the right side of the door reading ‘IN’ and look for it right next to a downed student.

Location: You’ll become friends with him in the Grade 5 classroom.

Bill & Fossey
Location: You must save them during a main story quest-line in order to have them as friends.

Location: Head to the second floor of the School during your second visit and look for it inside a Storage Locker. You must shoot it down to obtain it.

Gnome Helmet
Location: Head inside your room followed by entering the small hole. Climb up the first set of wires and look for it on a pouch nearby.

Gnome Clothes
Location: While seeing your parents getting intimate, you need to head to the next room. From there, climb the wires, break the wall on your left, and look for it just past some batteries.

Gnome Gloves
Location: During the same section as the Gnome Clothes, you’ll wake up in the middle of a fight with 4 Gnomes. Defeat all these Gnomes and look for this equipment on top of one of them.

Underpants ‘Helmet’
Location: Just as you’re standing above the dresser to see your parents get intimate, you’ll be attacked by three Gnomes. Take them all out and loot their bodies for this equipment.

Gnome Pickaxe
Location: After seeing your parents get intimate, head inside the next room and climb up the wires followed by beating up three rats which will take you to another set of wires that you’ll have to climb. Head forward and look for it near a yellow pouch.

Super Bouncy Ball
Location: Head inside your room followed by entering the small room. You’ll have to climb up a set of wires and look for it near a pouch.

Location: Head inside the Abortion Clinic and blow up the grenade in the soldier’s hand. Now, make yourself small and head inside a small hole to receive this Chinpokomon. It’ll be the same room where ‘Gatling Gun’ is located.

Master Razor
Location: While playing Unplanned Parenthood, you need to head inside a small hole in Records Room using Gnome Dust and look for it on a yellow pouch.

Poison Grenade
Location: Once again, on the Unplanned Parenthood, you need to head between Records Room and Operating Room A and look for it in a drawer.

SWAT Armored Headgear, SWAT Tactical Gloves, and SWAT Vest
Location: Just as you enter the CIA Building, look for these gears on a guard killed by a Nazi Zombie.

Condom Cap
Location: Once you’re inside Mr. Slave, turn on the flash light and look for it inside a yellow chest.

Big Gay Al
Location: Simply answer the phone.

Knight Helmet
Location: During the sequence where you see the Pirate Girl taking on a Cyclops, look to your right for a treasure chest.

Knight Armor
Location: Once you’ve successfully defeated Craig, you need to check the yellow treasure chest in the room.

Knight Gauntlets
Location: Get them from the Demolisher located in the first room of Clyde’s Fortress.

Lawn Dart
It is located in the same location as the Knight Gauntlets.

Location: While on the Assault, you need to hit two switches to open up a gate which will make Ike cry. Use your Fart to set the fireworks on fire and Ike will befriend you.

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