How to Defeat Zenon and Iron Mask in Soul Hackers 2

In Soul Hackers 2, some bosses are more difficult than others and will undoubtedly give a tough time to most players. Zenon and Iron Mask are among such bosses. So, if you’re having trouble, know that you’re not alone. This guide will show you how to defeat Zenon and Iron Mask in Soul Hackers 2.

Where to Find Zenon and Iron Mask

In Soul Hackers 2, Zenon and Iron Mask are level 40 bosses and will surely put you to the test. To emerge victorious in the battle, you’ll have to stay vigilant and quick on your feet.

Wondering where might you find Zenon And Iron Mask? Zenon and Iron Mask are found in Ozaki Hope Towers B 10F area in Soul Hackers 2. Although you might think of them as ordinary bosses, they are anything but.

For starters, Iron Mask has three demons that he’ll summon in the battle to topple the opposition. So, you should go mentally prepared. Also, if you strike Iron Mask, Zenon will immediately counterattack with Vengeful Loyalty.

Vengeful Loyalty is an attack that inflicts the Seal Status Effect on the attacking party member. This will prevent you from using normal attacks for a set amount of time.

How to Defeat Zenon and Iron Mask in Soul Hackers 2

When you enter the battle, Zenon will launch a barrage of AOE attacks, followed by Iron Mask’s fusillade of powerful Gun Damage attacks. Once you deal enough damage, Iron Mask will summon the first demon, Power.


Power shouldn’t worry you because he’s not a big threat and can only deal physical damage. You’ll have no trouble getting through it.

Keep an eye out for Abyssal Veil, one of the moves in Power’s arsenal. This can conceal Zenon’s elemental weaknesses, rendering him immune to most damage.

When you defeat Power and keep the offense going, Iron Mask’s health bar will deplete to the point where he will summon Silky to assist in the battle.

Silky will not deal damage; instead, she will heal the allies, thus prolonging the fight which will prove frustrating. It is therefore recommended to first deal with Silky and then proceed ahead.

However, just when you think you’ve won the battle, Zenon will surprise you with Contract’s Ward. It’s a move that will completely alter Zenon’s affinity.

To cope with this, you should have a diverse set of skills at your disposal. This way, you’ll be able to exploit Zenon’s weakness regardless of what it switches to.

When you’re almost done with Iron Mask, he’ll summon Vouivre as a last resort. Here, you must keep up the good work and continue the offensive on Iron Mask while ignoring the demon.

Since you’ll be exposed to a tonne of damage, it is advised to heal yourself on and off in order to stay alive. Iron Mask will fall only after a few hits. Once Iron Mask is defeated, all of his demons will perish with him.

This will now leave you with Zenon. our entire focus would now be shifted to Zenon, making things easier. Zenon possesses the Sabbath-eating ability, which allows him to absorb any Sabbaths and transform them into health.

As for Zenon, this is all you need to be concerned about. To get the upper hand, use an Almighty attack to break through the defense. After the absorption wears off, keep attacking his weak points until Zenon falls.

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