How To Level Up Fast In Soul Hackers 2

Leveling up your crewmates and demon allies is the most crucial part of Soul Hackers 2 as it plays an...

Leveling up your crewmates and demon allies is the most crucial part of Soul Hackers 2 as it plays an important role in helping you out through the main storyline and combats.

Similarly, leveling up quickly enables you to unlock special abilities and perks that prove beneficial in beating the quests with ease. The following article provides several tips on how you can increase your level quickly in Soul Hackers 2.

How To Farm XP In Soul Hackers 2

Dungeons in Soul Hackers 2 are full of demon enemies which often appear and fight with you in groups of 2 or 4. Defeating these enemies will reward you with loads of EXP which helps in increasing your level.

Try to defeat as many enemies as possible in each dungeon in the game to quickly rise your and your party’s level. Defeating stronger demons will reward you with much greater EXP than the weaker ones compared to your party’s stats.

Soul Hackers 2 also contain larger demons with a purple hue known as the Risky Demons. As the name suggests, these are more powerful than the regular ones and thus players often prefer not to engage with them. On a side note, if you are well prepared for the fight and have plenty of resources, your party will be rewarded with tons of EXP and other rewards that will help you level up quickly.

In addition to demons, you will have to face off against the Demon Summoners too at the end of each arc. Of course, there will be no end to the hordes of demons without defeating the summoner, right? These tough battles also play a crucial part in increasing the levels of your party.

As a bonus for the Soul Hacking by Ringo at the start of the game, players get access to the Soul Matrix where they can easily interact with the souls of their party members.

This is beneficial as you can interact with their memories and use them to unlock specific character skills that can be used later during the main missions and combats. There are plenty of enemies and mini-boss battles too in the soul matrix which provides a boost to your level in the game after you defeat them.

Lastly, make sure to not miss any of the side quests along with the main quests to gather as much EXP as you can and level up fast in Soul Hackers 2.

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