Soul Hackers 2 Commander Skills Guide

The main storyline of Soul Hackers 2 revolves around the Commander, Ringo. Ringo has three other allies helping her in her journey, and while they only have a few passive abilities available, Ringo has a unique set of skills, called Commander Skills, which are exclusive to her.

In this guide, we’ll be looking at everything to know about Commander Skills in Soul Hackers 2.

Understanding Commander Skills In Soul Hackers 2

Commander Skills are special types of abilities exclusive to Ringo. There is a variety of Commander Skills that Ringo can unlock and use, which can be vital to changing the outcome of the battle.

There are two types of Commander Skills: Active and Passive. The passive ones are normal, but the active ones are way more powerful than your average special ability.

Though they don’t require any MP to use, there is a drawback to the system, otherwise, they would be too overpowered. The drawback is the limit to which you can use them, which varies in battle depending on the type of Commander Skills used.

The limit is in the form of the number of turns. For example, the Damage Condenser and the Master Conversion Commander Skills require four turns to reset, while the Reboot Skill can only be used once per battle.

Given below is a list of Ringo’s Commander Skills that are available in the game as of now.

Commander Skill Number of Turns Effect
Reboot Allows KO’d party members to be revived to full health on ally’s turn.
Damage Condenser 4 Increases Sabbath power and narrows it down to a single target.
Conversion 1 Allows one party member to change their equipped demon.
Master Conversion 4 Allows all party members to change their equipped demon.

How To Unlock Commander Skills

Commander Skills can be unlocked in the COMP Smith, along with many other upgrades. Like all other upgrades, Commander Skills will require a base cost to unlock, but they won’t come cheap.

To acquire a particular Commander Skill, you’ll require a couple of Yen and Demonic materials, like the “Totem Memory” which is common among the Commander Skills.

Yen is the base currency of the game, while Demon materials like the Totem Memory can be acquired from Demons.

Additionally, along with a huge cost to them, you’ll also be required to complete a certain part of the story or side quests to unlock.