Sony Still Has One More PS4 Exclusive To Announce Before PlayStation 5’s Launch

According to a report, it will be a while before we get to see the release of PlayStation 5 as Sony still has one more PS4 exclusive game to announce.

Sony has the best line up of Exclusives and seems like it has one more to announce before PS5 releases. According to a report, Sony Interactive Entertainment has one more PS4 exclusive game to announce.

The report comes from ResetEra, where one user revealed that it will be a while before we get to see the release of PlayStation 5. The reason for the wait is Sony revealing one more PS4 exclusive before that happens.

This means that Sony has another PS4 exclusive game in the works other than already announced Death Stranding, The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima.

The user noted that it will be a proper first-party exclusive and won’t be a PSVR game. While the user didn’t reveal which game it is but, my guess is Bloodborne 2.

Another possibility could be a PS4 exclusive from The Last Guardian dev, Fumito Ueda. It has been two years since the launch of The Last Guardian and the developer might be working on a new title.

Speaking of the PS4 exclusive, Sony has confirmed that it is working on PlayStation 5. According to Sony president and CEO Kenichiro Yoshida, the company has plans for PS5.

He added that at this point, working on a PlayStation 5 has become “necessary”. He also admitted the importance of bringing PlayStation 5.

It is still unknown if the next-gen consoles will target 4K or not. But, given that PS4 Pro and Xbox One X already target it, it is highly likely.

However, not everyone thinks that 4K/60 FPS a necessary standard for PlayStation 5 and next Xbox. According to devs, players want the best visuals and this shouldn’t be taken for granted.

Not only that, it will be fierce competition between Sony and Microsoft for who will have the best exclusives. While we will have to wait to see but, analyst predicts that Microsoft will release Xbox Scarlet before PS5.

According to Michael Pachter, he expects the next-Xbox to launch in 2020. If Sony comes along and launches the PlayStation 5 in 2020 then Microsoft will launch the console even before that.

Not only that, Xbox Scarlet might feature GDDR6 along with a new type of DRAM. According to a job listing, Microsoft is considering a new type of DRAM and GDDR6 memory for the next Xbox iteration.

Interestingly, while we are here speculating, devs apparently have started developing games for PS5 and next Xbox. One example is Diablo 4, as the report suggests that Diablo 4 will be an open-world isometric MMO. Not only that, the game is reportedly in development for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlet.

Source: ResetEra

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