The Next Xbox Might Feature A New Type Of DRAM And GDDR6 Memory

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the next Xbox and PlayStation 5 despite Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft being silent on the matter, however, seems like Microsoft is considering a new type of DRAM and GDDR6 as the main memory for the next Xbox.

With Xbox One X already featuring 6 TFLOPs of computational power to run games at native 4K, it might seem unlikely that Microsoft would be considering the next Xbox as Xbox One X is powerful enough to run games at higher resolutions.

However, according to the job listing, Microsoft is considering a new type of DRAM and GDDR6 memory for the next Xbox iteration. According to the listing, the company is looking for a Senior Engineer for DRAM memory solution who will be working alongside the Xbox hardware development team.

We are seeking a qualified candidate for a Senior Engineer to lead the DRAM solutions for the Xbox console hardware development team. DRAM solutions include DDR3, GDDR5, GDDR6 and future DRAM technologies. The successful candidate will be the primary technical focal point for existing and leading-edge memory technologies on currently shipping and future Xbox design projects. The focus will be integrating the right memory solutions into the console based on a variety of constraints such as power, cost, reliability, signal integrity and performance requirements. Integration includes defining the system requirements for each memory technology, creating specifications, working within an internal team, partner teams and external vendors to identify specific components that meet the requirements and then completing a characterization, qualification and validation of the chosen technology.

The job listing suggests that Microsoft is already working on the next Xbox despite Xbox One X launching last year with a great critical reception and financial reception.

Speaking of the consoles, according to Simul Software founder Roderick Kennedy, PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox will make a “big move” towards procedurally generated games.

He added that procedurally generated content is not limited by the computing power or memory bandwidth but, is limited by the way developers tend to use it.

However, Final Fantasy 15 director, Hajime Tabata, expects the next consoles to be cloud-based.  According to Tabata, the game consoles will evolve and follow the steps of the film and music industry which has embraced the streaming services.

What do you expect from the next Xbox console from Microsoft? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Microsoft

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