Sons Of The Forest Stun Baton Location

The stun baton in Sons of the Forest is a highly deadly and crucial weapon for exploration so let us help you find it.

The Sons of the Forest Stun Baton and Stun Gun are among the most potent weapons. Players can use these to stun the enemies and then attack them. This increases the damage you’ll deal to the enemies, and players don’t need to worry about counterattacks.

Stun Baton is a weapon you’ll need to find as early as possible as you’ll require it at various cave entrances and to deal with enemies in the game to protect your base from being conquered by strong enemies.

Stun Gun can be found inside the cave, but getting a Stun Gun in your inventory is impossible without a Stun Baton. Therefore, players need to follow the order. In this guide, we will discuss in detail how players can find both the Stun Baton in Sons of the Forest and how it can be used.

Sons of the Forest Stun Baton location

You can use the Stun baton weapon to open cave entrances, so finding it as soon as possible is good. Stun Baton will also help you deal with different enemies and stun them in Sons of the Forest.

Unlike other weapons found in the caves, you can find Stun baton in open ground and have specific requirements. This weapon is an easy pick, but this fact doesn’t affect its importance.

You can find Stun Baton near a cave entrance from a location on the map below:

To reach this, start from the helicopter crash site and head downstream to a short distance. As players reach this location, they will find a stun baton popped in a pile of skulls at a base of a small waterfall.

Players need to go near it, and then clicking on the interact button will add it to your inventory. A single click on the attack if you want to use it as a blunt weapon. However, if want to you use the Baton’s stun function, you must hold the attack button.

The Baton’s attack in Son of the Forest can damage all enemies considered very strong. As players use the Baton, its battery will slowly reduce, so players need to look around for more batteries.

Once you find the weapon, we will recommend you spend some time mastering it. The reason why it’s located in this open area piled up in skulls is its use as you will move further in the game. Therefore, players should know how to do it before advancing into the game.