Sons Of The Forest Inventory Management Guide

Inventory management is among the most important things in the Sons of the Forest. If you don’t know your inventory well, it will kill you.

Inventory management is among the most important things in the Sons of the Forest. It is the lifeline for your survival because this game has an extremely harsh environment and merciless, brutal beast. If you don’t know your inventory well, it will kill you.

Most of the players struggle with inventory items. So, If you can take good care of your inventory, your journey in the game will be a lot easier. Sons of The Forest brings an entirely new inventory system, which is different from its predecessor, The Forest’s inventory system.

In The Forest and most of the other games, there is a main inventory where you have all the items, and there is a quick access slot shown on your screen from where you can access the things you had assigned to quickly use without heading into the main inventory. And also, there are hotkeys, which you can use to grab items you have assigned to each hotkey.            

However, the Sons of the Forest inventory is different because when you open your inventory, the player sits down and opens the inventory mat with all the items you have acquired.

How to equip and drop items in your Inventory

To open your inventory, press “I” on your keyboard. Your character will sit down and open the inventory. Once your inventory is opened, you can see all the items you can equip. To equip an item, “left-click” on it. You will equip that item.

If you have an already equipped item and you want to drop it. Press “G” while holding the item, and you will return it to the inventory.

How to use the Backpack as your quick Inventory slot

The new inventory system has a very irritating disadvantage. That is, you can only access the desired items by heading into the main inventory, which is not good if an enemy is approaching you and you want to grab a weapon quickly or if you are injured and want to have a medic.

And also, when you open your inventory, you sit down and cannot walk or run. So, it will leave you vulnerable to approaching enemies. 

There is no quick slot to access items or hotkeys to grab the item by pressing it. But you can grab your items quickly without heading into the main inventory. You can use your backpack as a quick slot.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • First, open your inventory by pressing “I”
  • Now you can see a middle slot. Look for the backpack and right-click on it to move it to the middle slot.
  • Once the backpack is in the middle, right-click on the items you want to have in your backpack. And if you want to remove it, right-click on it again.
  • Now, whenever you hold “I,” you will bring the backpack in front of you instead of opening the main inventory.
  • To quickly use an item from the backpack, right-click on the item you have in your backpack to grab it. 

Hence, the backpack is an alternative to quick slots and an easy way to access your desired item quickly Sons of the Forest. 

How to craft items

Now, there is a middle slot in your inventory bag. If you right-click on any item, it will appear in the middle slot of the inventory. 

If you want to craft anything, right-click on the item, which will appear in the middle slot. A cogwheel is on the top right of the middle inventory slot. Hover your mouse over to it, and you can see all the crafts you can make with that item in your middle inventory slot.

The items in white are the items you have available, and those in red are unavailable. When you have all the items, click on that craft, and you will have the crafted item available.

How to store items

Another different thing about this game is that you can only store specific items in storage. You can learn more about it in the in-game guidebook by pressing “B.” There are several types of storage in this game.

  • Rock storage
  • Bone storage
  • Log storage
  • Stick storage
  • Drying rack
  • Mannequin
  • Shelf
  • Wall shelf

You can use these storage structures to store specific items for each storage, like storing only rock in rock storage. You can place these storages in different locations and store their respective items.

You can also create multiple storages of each of the storages and place them in different locations. Through this, you will easily access supplies without running miles to pick items in Sons of the Forest and manage your inventory. Also, you can order your NPC companion Kelvin or Virginia to fill storage items for you while you explore the island.

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