How To Make A Rain Collector In Sons Of The Forest

In Sons of the Forest, water is an essential resource to survive in the game and to store it you will need a rain water collector.

In Sons of the Forest, water is an essential resource to survive on the island infested with cannibals. The game has a thirst bar whose level depletes after some time, indicating that you are thirsty. Sometimes it can get complicated to find water, so making a Sons of the Forest rain collector near your camp is a good option to have a ready supply of water.

Finding and drinking water whenever you get thirsty is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Of course, you can carry many energy drinks in your inventory and use them. But energy drinks can only be found in abandoned supplies, which will be even more time-consuming than finding a river.

How to make a rain catcher in Sons of the Forest

In Sons of the Forest, there is a way to collect and store water for later use. And the best part is you don’t even need to fill it. It will catch rainwater, so you can call it a rain collector in Sons of the Forest.

Here is the process to craft a rainwater collector in Sons of the Forest, so you don’t have to run to a river every time: To make a rain catcher, you will need a turtle shell and four sticks.

Harvest turtle shells

To get a turtle shell, you must head towards the beach shore. Grab a spear or an axe in your hand when you reach there. Search for a large turtle. And by large, we mean it. Smaller turtles will only give you meat or carcass.

The larger the shell, the more rainwater it will collect in Sons of the Forest. Once you find a large turtle, poke will spear a few times in his head or give him a few blows with an axe and kill the turtle. It is to be noted that you will not get the shell every time you kill the turtle. You might have to kill multiple turtles. Once the turtle is expired, use a knife to harvest its shell and collect raw flesh for cooking.

Put the shell in your inventory. Go to where you want to build a rainwater collector, probably at your base camp in Sons of the Forest.

Collect sticks

After finding the turtle shell, you can collect four sticks from the surrounding. Finding sticks is a pretty easy job in Sons of the Forest. If you don’t have sticks, you can bring out the Axe and hit some trees to collect the required sticks.

Now take out the turtle shell and take four sticks. Place the four sticks standing and place the turtle shell over them. Your rain catcher is ready in Sons of the Forest.

The turtle shell will catch water whenever it rains and fill it so you can drink from it whenever you want or fill up your water flask to carry around. Since rainwater is clean, you can use that water to fill up your thirst bar without boiling it.

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