How To Get Shovel In Sons Of The Forest 

The Shovel is an essential tool in Sons of the Forest, useful for getting loot and digging. Read to find out how to get it.

Sons of the Forest has many tools and items which will help you in surviving the harsh environment of the forest. One of the items, and perhaps the most useful, is the Shovel. 

The Sons of the Forest Shovel has two main uses. It can be used as a digging tool to find valuable loot underground. It can also be used as a weapon to fight off the different enemies you will find on the island. 

To acquire the Shovel you have to go out on an adventure and go through caves and tunnels. It is important to know where to find this cave, how to find the shovel within, and how to leave the cave. 

Shovel location 

The Sons of the Forest Shovel cannot be looted from an enemy or chest. It is located in a cave that can be found in the center of the map, west of the snowy mountains.

There are three impaled corpses outside of the entrance as a warning to all intruders. Those dead bodies will confirm that you are in the right cave.

How to get the Shovel

Before you can enter and find the shovel, you will need two items to help you get there. You will need to find the Rope Gun and the Rebreather

The Rope Gun can be found in a cave near the 3D Printer’s cave. The Rebreather can be found in the cave on the northwest side of the island near the beach. Also, make sure to keep a good weapon with you because there are a lot of enemies in the cave. 

After you have all the necessary equipment, you can now proceed to the cave. Using an axe you can break the planks and enter it. Inside you will find a drop and a rope that crosses the canyon. There is an air tank here if you don’t have it with you. Use your rope gun to pass over to the other side. 

Crossing the canyon you will face an underwater tunnel. Jump in it too and descend until you reach the floor and go on till you reach the other side. This is a pretty long way so the Rebreather will come in handy. 

On the other side, you will spot multiple enemies. You can either fight or sneak past them if you like. There will be some loot so make sure to keep an eye out.

At the end of the way, there will be a slope which you can slide down to a room. In this room go towards the light where there will be a lot of loot in suitcases. It’s a good idea to acquire it all.

There will be a passage towards the back of the light which will lead to a room with about three mobs. Make note of this room, since it will become very useful later on.

After defeating them, you move along till you reach a large open room with a lot of opposition. There is some valuable loot such as the flashlight in this room on a corpse.  

In the back of this room, you will find a way that will go underwater. Move along to the other side of the water and there will be a lot of foes that you will have to take out. Do so and proceed further in the area to find a dead worker. He will have the Shovel that you need. 

How to get out of the cave? 

The good news is that you don’t have to retrace your steps to travel all the way back to the surface. There is a shortcut that you can take to speed up the process.

To get out, go back to the passage that connected the room with the light and the room next to it. There will be a stuck boulder with some smaller rocks in front of it in the passage.

Take this boulder down to reveal a path that will go out of the cave. Simply follow it and you will be back out on the surface.

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