How To Get The Guitar In Sons Of The Forest

There is no way to actually play the Guitar in Sons of the Forest, but you can use it as a hefty melee weapon.

There is a Guitar on the island that you can find during your survival journey in Sons of the Forest. Unfortunately, there is no way to actually play the Guitar in the game, at least not yet.

You can, however, use the Guitar as a melee weapon. It is heavy and not as fast as the Katana but does considerable damage nonetheless.

Similar to every other weapon in Sons of the Forest, you have to have the proper items to enter an underground bunker where the Guitar is located.

What items do you need to get the Guitar?

Rebreather and Air Tank
In Sons of the Forest, you don’t need a Rebreather and Air Tank to get the Guitar. But you do need them to swim through a part of the bunker that has a VIP Keycard.

To get your hands on a Rebreather and Air Tank, you need to head towards the cave located on the northernmost part of the island close to the beach. Keep in mind that the island has a limited supply of Air Tanks therefore use them only when necessary.

VIP Keycard
Just like other Keycards, the VIP Keycard is also used to open locked doors in bunkers. That said, you need VIP Keycard to get through the metal door required to access the Sons of the Forest Guitar location.

The Sons of the Forest VIP keycard can be found inside the cave located in the northwest part of the island. Keep in mind that you also need a Rebreather and an Air Tank.

Where to find the Sons of the Forest Guitar?

That said, getting your hands on the guitar is not an easy task therefore you are in it for quite the journey. For that, follow the step-by-step walkthrough of the cave below.

Find the cave entrance

The cave where you will find the Guitar is located in the western part of the island. Make your way to the location marked on the map below and then take out your GPS to reach the cave entrance.

Head inside the cave and you will reach a locked steel door.

Use the VIP Keycard to open the steel door

Remember we asked you to collect the VIP Keycard before. Well, now you have got to use it as it will open the closed Steel Door ahead.

After getting through the Steel Door, you will find yourself in a hall with a musical area. Keep an eye out for a couple of Mutants here. Find your way to the Glass Door after taking a right from the gym.

Head to the bar on the first floor

After getting through the Glass Door, you need to head upstairs after walking past the Dining Tables.

Make your way to the Bar located on the first floor next to the swimming pool. The Guitar will however be found on top of the bar table. Now that you have got yourself a guitar, you can equip it by pressing “I” and clicking it from the inventory.

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