How To Get The Katana In Sons Of The Forest

The Katana is one of the best melee weapons in Sons of the Forest which is why it is also one of the more difficult weapons to find.

The Katana is one of the best melee weapons in Sons of the Forest which is why it is also one of the more difficult weapons to find on the island.

You need to get your hands on several other items before being able to get your hands on the Katana. This is something you are not going to be able to do in the early game.

However, your efforts will be worth it since the Sons of the Forest Katana does excellent damage with each swing. It also has a fast attack speed, so you will be losing fewer stamina points for each hit.

Furthermore, since all resources and ammunition are scarce, you need to have a good melee weapon in your backup to increase your survival chances in Sons of the Forest. Hence, the Katana is something you should definitely go after on the island as soon as possible.

What items do you need to get the Katana?

You need a shovel to get inside the cave that has the Maintenance Keycard which you will use later on to get the Katana. The Sons of the Forest Shovel can be found inside the cave located west of the island close to the Snowy Mountains.

Maintenance Keycard
The Maintenance Keycard can open several locked doors in the game but most importantly the one with Katana inside.

To get your hands on the Maintenance Keycard, you need to head to the bunker located west of the island along with the shovel. Reveal the entrance to the bunker using the shovel that you got earlier, and head inside to get it by pressing “E”.

Where to find the Sons of the Forest Katana?

Just like finding any other item in the cave, finding the Sons of the Forest Katana location is a little bit of a hassle. For that, follow the step-by-step walkthrough of the cave below.

Find the Cave entrance

To get your hands on the Katana, you need to head toward the cave located on the west part of the Island right beside the lake. After getting to the cave location, you need to head inside through the narrow entrance.

The location of the cave can be found on the map image below.

Use the Maintenance Keycard to enter the lab

As soon as you head inside the cave, you will find yourself beside the closed door after going downstairs. The door can be opened by swiping the Maintenance Keycard that you collected earlier.

As soon as you get in the lab, a cutscene will begin. You then need to get to the back of the lab where you will find stairs downstairs.

Head to the second floor

The bunker has another floor downstairs which can be accessed by the stairs at the back of the lab. After a long passage, you will find yourself in a room by taking the right. There you will be greeted by a couple of finger mutants.

Within the room, you need to look for a glass cabinet that can be found next to the couch. Sons of The Forest Kataana can be found inside the glass cabinet. After getting the Katana, you can equip it by pressing “E” on the console.

If you explore the bunker a little further, you will also find the Golden Armor if you exit and take the left door after the long passageway.

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