What Does The Cross Do In Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest offers you many interesting weapons and builds for use against cannibals and other enemies. You will see some of them placed throughout the game map abundantly, while some of the weapons are in a limited amount and can only be found at certain places, such as Sons of the Forest Cross and Katana.

What is the cross used for in Sons of the Forest?

The Cross in Sons of the Forest seems like an amusing weapon as it does not do any damage to cannibals. The cross is quite useless if you acquire it in the initial phases of the game. However, it comes in handy in the finishing part (the final cave) of the game, where you encounter a kind of enemy known as Demons.

While facing demons, if you apply the Cross four to five times on a demon, it will start burning and will eventually die on the spot. In this way, you can fight them without using any ammo from your other weapons.

Sons of the Forest Cross locations

You can currently discover the Cross at two map locations in Sons of the Forest. Remember that the Cross is a unique weapon that will vanish from other places once you take it from one place.

The Rope Gun Cave

This Cross is accessible in the early stages of the game. To find it, head to the location on the map below. It is the location where you find the Zipline in Sons of the Forest. The cave on the Westside of the snowy mountains on the pathway next to the lake.

Cross cave location in Sons of the Forest

The Cross inside the Bunker

The second Cross you can find in Sons of the Forest is inside a bunker that you can see in the image below. The first thing you must have is Maintenance Keycard before entering the cave. Once you acquire it, find the Bunker, enter it, and walk downstairs. You will find on your left a doorway with several suitcases there.

Cross Bunker location in Sons of the Forest

If you head straight, you will get to a room with several paintings. This indicates the right way to get to the Cross in Sons of the Forest. Just move through the small door and enter the room on the left side, where you can pick a yellow page saying “CROSSES BURN DEMONS.” On its opposite side, you will find the Cross alongside some books.

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