Sniper Elite 5 Mission 6 Kill Challenge (Trautmann) Guide

In Sniper ­Elite 5, each mission has a kill challenge in which your objective will be to take down an assigned target. In Mission 6 – Liberation your Kill list target will be Jann Trautmann. This guide will help you complete the Jann Trautmann Kill challenge in Mission 6 of Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 Mission 6 Kill Challenge (Trautmann) Walkthrough

Jann Trautmann is located in a building in the southwest part of the map. In this kill challenge, your objective will be to kill him through poisoning, meaning that if you use a weapon to kill him, the challenge will fail.

Below we have an image showing the map location of Jann Trautmann.

Another requirement for this Kill challenge is being silent, as if Trautmann gets alerted, he will act on his own, and you will fail the challenge. So, make sure that in and around Trautmann’s location, engage in silent combat and takedowns and avoid causing any scenes which may alert him.

Head to and inside the building where Trautmann is hiding. Clear all the soldiers on the ground floor without making any noise. Once the floor is clear, head to the first floor. There, you can find a poison bottle near the staircase, which can then be used to eliminate Trautmann.

Trautmann will be present on the second floor, and you can hear him talking to himself inside the room. Outside the room, you will see a glass on a table. Use the poison on this glass and then use the bell to call him to the door.

Head out of his sight and wait for Jann to drink from the glass. He will drink from the glass and then die from the poison.


Once Jann Trautmann is dead, your Kill List mission will be completed, and you will receive ‘Model D’ as a reward.

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