Sniper Elite 5 Tips and Tricks

These Sniper Elite 5 tips and tricks will aid novices and veterans of the game. It plays like previous installments, with larger maps and a few additional features, and builds upon the same formula of previous entries offering the perfect mix of stealth, tactical shooting, and sniping.

Sniper Elite 5 Tips

Going over these basic tips and tricks will help you better grasp the game mechanics of Sniper Elite 5, allowing you to dive straight into the action.

We’ll discuss stances, sound masking, objective choices, gameplay options, and the freedom players have while sneaking about the massive maps of SE5. So, these tips and tricks are sure to have a little something for everyone.

Change Stance to Improve Weapon Stability

For stealthy maneuvering going prone is a no-brainer. However, improving weapon stability by staying prone is not. In the fundamentals tab, you can also find this tip under the crouch and prone section.

However, since these basic game features carry over from previous entries, most people no longer waste time reading these sections.

Crouching while using a ranged weapon may be more appealing for mobility but going prone gives that extra assurance for a clean shot. Aiming your weapon while staying prone increases its stability and accuracy, but it may take time to get used to shooting through tall grass.

Sound Management is Key

Managing the sound you produce and hear is a sniper’s primary focus. Stealth is of major concern, and a silencer is your best friend in this scenario and can be equipped with all three types of firearms (sniper rifle, submachine gun, pistol). You’ll start with only a silenced pistol at first, but it’ll be sufficient for taking out enemies within proximity of each other without alerting them.

It is also important to note that loud noises help disguise your shots so enemies won’t be alerted further away.

Gain the High Ground Advantage

Sniper Elite 5 allows you to climb, so make full use of it. Scan the zone when approaching a high-rise building or cliff to find ascendable areas. Drainpipes, fretworks, Vines, etc., can allow you to achieve the necessary high ground to examine the area and eliminate your targets.

You can also evade swarms of enemies just by climbing and taking a direct approach to your objective.

Have Your Escape Plan Ready

Having an escape ready is essential to executing a perfect mission. Imagine a scenario where you execute a mission with no time wasted, without being spotted by the enemy, and with a 100 percent takedown accuracy, just for it all to fall apart at the end when you have no safe escape in sight.

The importance of having at least one exit in your sights is immense. You should also consider having a backup strategy as a safety cushion should the first fail.

Go Straight to the Target

The straight approach is sometimes the best one. Some tasks are more awkward to complete than others, becoming more challenging as you progress. Some players may struggle to keep up with the flow of the mission. If you ever feel overwhelmed, the most effective approach is to go straight to the target instead of taking every enemy out.

Turn off Axis Invasion

The axis invasion mode may be one of the best additions to the game. However, for newer players, it can be extremely frustrating. The invading players only need to hunt the player without focusing on mission tasks.

The AI doesn’t attack them either. It isn’t a big problem for seasoned players who know the game in and out, but it may be too overwhelming for newer snipers.

So, stick to just the AI until you’ve finished the campaign.

Mastering Bullet Drops

Accurately aiming with your sniper is a crucial skill in the Sniper Elite franchise. Not only allowing you to smoothly progress through your missions and get some sick kill cams. Taking the distance and bullet drop into account is the mark of a skilled sniper.

This is affected by the attachments and type of sniper you use. Some scopes may offer a greater zoom rate but lack in the rate of fire or weapon stability. All of this must be taken into consideration when choosing your arsenal.

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