Sniper Elite 5 Invasion Mode Tips

Sniper Elite 5 introduces a new Invasion mode where a human player can join your session as an enemy sniper....

Sniper Elite 5 introduces a new Invasion mode where a human player can join your session as an enemy sniper. Hence, adding a new PvP mode to the franchise. The following guide will tell you all you need to know about how the Invasion mode works in Sniper Elite 5 and provide some useful tips to win invasions.

As for the overall game, we have General Tips and Tricks for Sniper Elite 5 to improve your game.

How Invasion Mode Works In Sniper Elite 5

In the Invasion mode, a friend or complete stranger can join your game as an opponent. They will take on the role of an Axis sniper and start hunting you as soon as they join your game. You’ll need to stay extra alert, be able to distinguish between human and AI enemies, and ultimately, find and kill the invading player.

The Invasion mode also offers rewards for you and the invader. Both will be able to unlock weapons, skins, headgear, and such. Mostly importantly, if you keep the Invasion mode enabled while playing the game, you’ll gain additional experience points to help you level up quicker.

Keep in mind that invaders can’t choose who they get matched against as the system is completely random. So if you and your friend were hoping to go up against each other, you are out of luck.

If this sort of PvP multiplayer excites you, you’ll have to enable the Invasion mode from the game settings. It’s completely optional. If you’re more interested in playing alone, just keep the mode disabled.

Invasion Mode Tips

If you’re invading someone else’s game, you can use AI-controlled troopers to detect the defending player. Tag an AI soldier and enable Eagle Eyes. If this soldier spots the defending player, their last known location will be shown to you on your map. You can also increase the alert levels of AI soldiers.

If you’re the defending player and have been invaded, you have the option to call in a friend for some co-op reinforcement. You will also be alerted about the last known location of the invading player.

Invaders receive weapons, skins, and other items for successfully winning an Invasion match. Defenders on the other hand also get weapons and character skins for successfully killing the invader.

Take note that by having the Invasion mode enabled, all defenders will earn more experience points to help level up.

There are also abilities and different gameplay mechanics in the Invasion mode that you need to understand. For starters, you won’t be able to camp during an invasion. If you stay in a single place for too long, your position will be revealed to your enemy. Your camping prowess will hence make you an easy target.

Similarly, tracking too many Invasion Phones can also lead your enemy to know your location so be extra careful about this matter.

Finally, you can fool enemy invaders by walking around like an AI character. Walk slow, don’t sprint to leave your enemies guessing. Also, as an invader, don’t forget that the AI troopers are on your side. Hence, you can use your SMG without any worries of alerting anyone.

You can go through the Invasion mode abilities below.

The Sixth Sense: This is purely a feature to help you relocate and move to a new spot. Your ally in the game will tag you and this way you can know that your position has been compromised. There is no way you can stay in the same spot after being tagged.

Stay Sharp: This feature is extra useful in places where you are pinned or if you know your enemy is close by. This technique can be used to tell your Al soldiers to be more alert than usual. It can help you to escape and have an extra edge on your opponent.

Eagle Eyes: This feature helps you to locate your enemy. The axis soldiers pin the last known location of your enemy on the map which gives you a fair idea of where to look. Just be vigilant that a good player knows how to bluff and dodge by giving you a hint of a fake location to sneak behind you.

Wire Trapper: This is like a trap, and you can place it near the Invasion Phone. This way, if your enemy uses the phone to call for intel about your location, you can know their position. It’s a great way of knowing your enemy’s location.

How To Turn Off-Axis Invasion

When you start Sniper Elite 5 for the first time, you’ll be prompted to either enable or disable the Invasion mode. If you skip the prompt or want to revert your decision later on, you can open the options menu out of a mission to toggle the Invasion mode.

Take note that you can’t enable or disable the Invasion mode during a mission. If you decide on the fly to enable the Invasion mode, you’ll have to abort your mission, go back to the campaign mission screen, enable the mode, and start the mission again.

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