Sniper Elite 5 Best Loadouts

We have prepared a guide for the best loadouts in Sniper Elite 5 so you know how best to utilize all three weapons in your arsenal.

If you can’t figure out which weapons to choose, or what attachments to add to your weapon, you’re in luck. We have prepared a guide for the best loadouts in Sniper Elite 5.

Sniper Elite 5 Best Loadouts

You can create three loadouts for each of the three weapon types in the game: sniper rifles, submachine guns, and pistols.

Sniper rifles will be your main weapon of choice to pick out targets at long-range and preferably silently. Submachine guns on the other hand will mainly come into use if you’re in a tough situation and need extra firepower to take out multiple enemies. Finally, pistols will be accompanying you for stealth kills at close range.

Best Sniper Loadout

Sniper Rifles are mainly used to kill your enemies at long range, and preferably silently. A faster rate of fire and a larger magazine size are not so useful for a Sniper rifle, provided that you stay hidden. If your cover is blown, you can then switch to your SMGs to counter the drawbacks of using a sniper.

To get the best out of a sniper, we’ll use the SREM-1 Sniper because it has good overall stats and not enough cons as the rest of the sniper rifles. As for the attachments, they are as follows.

  • Sight: No.32 MK1 (due to its multiple levels of zoom, up to a max of 8x)
  • Barrel: Extended Marksmen
  • Muzzle: MK II-S Suppressor
  • Magazine: Standard Issue (extra damage is not a good trade for reduced mag size and increased recoil).
  • Stock: Leather Pad
  • Foregrip: Thick Grip Tape
  • Receiver: Short Travel Trigger
  • Construction: Laminated Beach

Best SMG Loadout

SMGs are known for their faster rate of fire and good damage at close range. They can however be loud and have large recoil. We’ll be setting up our SMG to arguably its best ability through the customizations below.

  • SMG: Machine Pist.44
  • Sight: Iron Sights
  • Barrel: Overpressure Power
  • Muzzle: Modded M-27 Suppressor
  • Magazine: Geret Overpressure Magazine
  • Stock: Magazine Pouch
  • Foregrip: Quick-draw Grip
  • Receiver: Reinforced Overpressure

Best Pistol Loadout

For pistols, we need to look for one which is very quiet and has a good moving speed while drawn. It is used in extremely close quarters due to which reason we don’t really require much damage, but a faster rate of fire and a bigger magazine will do the job. For that, Type-14 Nambu is the best option. It can be customized to the best of its abilities as follows.

  • Barrel: Overpressure Power
  • Muzzle: SS Suppressor
  • Magazine: Quick-draw Grip
  • Stock: Reinforced Overpressure
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