Sniper Elite 5 Best Skills To Unlock First

Leveling up in Sniper Elite 5 means earning skill points which can be spent to unlock special skills or perks....

Leveling up in Sniper Elite 5 means earning skill points which can be spent to unlock special skills or perks. The following guide will help you decide which skills or perks to unlock first in Sniper Elite 5 to make the early game a breeze.

As you progress through Sniper Elite 5, you continue to earn skill points with XP. These skill points can be used to unlock special skills/perks. The special skills are divided into 3 categories; Combat, Equipment, and Body and there are a total of 27 skills altogether.

Some of the skills require only 1 skill point while others require more, but it is up to you to choose from them. If you’re having trouble deciding on which skills to choose, don’t worry. We have prepared a guide to inform you of the best skills to unlock early on in the game.

Naturally, there are other things as well in Sniper Elite which you will need to unlock as well like Skin Unlocks or Weapon Unlocks so you can check them out as well.

Best Skills To Get First In Sniper Elite 5

There are three categories of skills in Sniper Elite 5: Combat, Equipment, and Body. These total up to 27 skills in the game. Below are all of the skills for each category that we highly recommend unlocking first.

Combat Skills

Back in the Fight (1 Skill Point)
This is probably the most important skill you can unlock in the game. It allows you to use a Medkit to revive yourself while you are downed.

Steady Hands (1 Skill Point)
Having a good pair of steady hands will greatly reduce the scope instability whilst taking damage.

No Time to Bleed (1 Skill Point)
Remember the Last Stand perk from Call of Duty? This works the same way. When you are downed, take out your secondary weapon to clear out nearby enemies in order to safely heal.

Equipment Skills

Scavenge Weapon Ammo (1 Skill Point)
This skill will ensure that you never run out of ammo by extracting ammunition from found weapons.

Extra Item Slot 1 and 2 (1 and 2 Skill Points)
These two skills add two extra item slots to your inventory wheel. You can then choose to carry additional gear such as more mines or bandages.

Body Skills

Maintain Focus (1 Skill Point)
This skill increases the time taken for effects to wear off whilst using Focus for long periods.

Health Boost 1 and 2 (1 and 2 Skill Points)
Having additional health never hurts in a game. These two skills will make sure that enemies will often never be able to take you down with a single shot. These skills also make it easier to run and gun enemy trenches.

Focus Range (1 Skill Point)
This skill is just for the easy-mid difficulty settings since it is disabled if players go for an Authentic difficulty run. The skill increases the area of your Focus so that you can spot enemies and points of interest from afar and behind walls.

Deep Breath (2 Skill Points)
This skill improves your window of empty lungs and is a helpful skill to have for players who like to suck in their breath for long periods of time.

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